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420 Views accessible travel resources – checked and verified since 2011 Daily adds, updates, shares brought that about! The accessible travel library is not a fancy, super videos, book your tours now website – it is a travel resource with a serious note. Youtube collections Our collections vary from YoutubeContinue Reading

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1,673 Views Travel with medication in Japan – Medicine certificate, South Japan Regional Bureau Health and Welfare By Hazuki – Accessible Travel Expert Blogger Travel with medication in Japan Medicine certificate Before you come to Japan, you need to see and talk with your home doctor if you could bring your medication toContinue Reading

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698 ViewsGeneral information Capital – Tokyo | Currency – Yen | Timezone – GMT +9 Japan travel tips and services Travel with Assistance dogs Japan Assistance Dogs Association Travel with Care and Extra (Medical) Services Contact Caregiver Japan for more information. Download these accessibility guides for free. Accessibility in Japan Washrooms inContinue Reading

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7,393 Views delicious dishes from around the world – Best food, street food Best food, street food, delicious treats … We all love to travel to discover new places, meet new people, enjoy magnificent views and visit the most beautiful museums, theaters or we go to the beach, enjoy theContinue Reading