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1,342 Views airlines accessibility services – ASIA After extensive online research we found a few airlines sharing information that is useful for travelers with a disability. This page is not an overview where you have all airlines in Asia in a list. Some videos will give you an idea whatContinue Reading

airport accessibility

3,508 Views hundreds of airports worldwide – INTERNATIONAL Airports and airlines – accessibility information Here you find airport accessibility information in hundreds of airports and airlines assistance services in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean (Martinique), Europe, North America The information provided is detailed and updated by airports and airlines. ServicesContinue Reading

wheeleez australia

1,095 Views AUSTRALIA Wheeleez to the rescue! AUSTRALIA’S renowned Royal Flying Doctor Service has teamed up with all-terrain wheelchair supplier and preferred Wheeleez® importer Beachwheels Australia A heart-warming collaboration, giving dying people and their families and friends the opportunity to visit their favorite beach or other off-road special place one last time. The RFDS isContinue Reading

Poland accessible travel guide

3,690 Views Come fly with me – extensive online airport websites research. INTERNATIONAL Enjoy your holiday – up we go A holiday abroad starts at the airport For people using a wheelchair or people who travel with their assistance dog, a visit to the airport can be an experience thatContinue Reading

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1,940 Views Airlines and airports experiences – wheelchairs, assistance dogs and airline customer services Carol Steinberg came across our website when it had been online only a very short time and offered to share her article she had published in the Boston Globe. She shares her routine on checking inContinue Reading

Fun and Function sensory room

1,447 Views Fun for all – sensory spaces – in airports and other public places UNITED KINGDOM Hidden disabilities and travel For those with sensory processing disorders it can be difficult to transition back to air travel. These ‘hidden disabilities’ often lead to greater anxiety and discomfort when going throughContinue Reading

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2,460 Views On A Roll In Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s biggest city by wheelchair By Philip Cowan (The Bureau Asia) On A Roll In Ho Chi Minh City Singapore, Ho Chi Minh city, Melbourne At heart I’m adventurous. I often fantasise about traveling to remote places, experiencing differentContinue Reading