Sandra Emons

1,661 Views Wheelchairs and airports Part II – guest blog by Sandra (February 2017) Wheelchairs and airports Part II Accident “For more than 10 years, I have worked for an organisation that campaigns for people with disabilities to achieve equal participation in society. I had an accident years ago andContinue Reading

airport accessibility

4,986 Views hundreds of airports worldwide – INTERNATIONAL Here you find airport accessibility information in hundreds of airports and airlines assistance services in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean (Martinique), Europe, North America The information provided is detailed and updated by airports and airlines. Services offered are not limited to wheelchairContinue Reading

wheeleez australia

1,216 Views AUSTRALIA Wheeleez to the rescue! AUSTRALIA’S renowned Royal Flying Doctor Service has teamed up with all-terrain wheelchair supplier and preferred Wheeleez® importer Beachwheels Australia A heart-warming collaboration, giving dying people and their families and friends the opportunity to visit their favorite beach or other off-road special place one last time. The RFDS isContinue Reading