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Wheeleez to the rescue!

AUSTRALIA’S renowned Royal Flying Doctor Service has teamed up with all-terrain wheelchair supplier and preferred Wheeleez® importer Beachwheels Australia

A heart-warming collaboration, giving dying people and their families and friends the opportunity to visit their favorite beach or other off-road special place one last time.

The RFDS is one of Australia’s most cherished institutions, founded in outback Queensland in 1927. Its goal was to transport sick and injured people from remote parts of the vast island continent Down Under to hospitals in the cities.

Today, the service operates a fleet of 77 medical retrieval and patient transfer aircraft. The RFDS provides other vital services including telehealth consultations. Also the well-known doctor, dentist and nursing clinics in remote and rural areas.

27 million kilometers

In 2020 the RFDS flew more than 27 million kilometers and assisted over 320,000 patients through clinics, aeromedical transports and telehealth consultations.

RFDS Victoria called on Beachwheels Australia for help after launching its Flying Doctor Memory Lane service.

The service is designed to support people in palliative care or end-of-life care, who want to visit a place of personal significance alongside family and friends. This can be the beach, another scenic location or anywhere else that holds special memories.

Free service

The free service is 100 percent donor funded. It is staffed by medically trained members of the RFDS Mobile Patient Care (MPC) teams, all of whom volunteer for these touching trips.

While the Memory Lane team endeavors to make every requested journey happen, some destinations – such as down onto the sand of a person’s favorite beach – can prove difficult with the use of a stretcher or normal wheelchair.

wheeleez australia

Beachwheels Australia

Thankfully, the team at Beachwheels Australia came to the rescue. Recognizing the access barriers at beaches and other off-road spots, the company generously donated two of their all-terrain wheelchairs to Memory Lane.

“I just thought it was such a wonderful initiative,” said Drew Valentine, director of Beachwheels Australia and global sales and marketing manager for Wheeleez® products.

“We supply a number of products and equipment for terminally ill and disabled clients under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). You see that Memory Lane is a perfect fit for the values our company believes in.”


Beachwheels Australia donated a Sandcruiser® all-terrain/ beach wheelchair, designed for adults, and a Sandpiper® chair for smaller adults and children to Memory Lane.

Each chair is equipped with special polyurethane wheels made by Wheeleez®, which are capable of crossing almost any terrain including sand, rock or coral without getting bogged or stuck.

The Wheeleez® wheels also have shock-absorbing qualities, ensuring a smooth ride for precious patients. “RFDS Victoria is incredible grateful to Beachwheels Australia for their generosity.

We look forward to many more transports and special moments made possible by this wonderful donation,” an RFDS Victoria spokesperson said.

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