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1,726 Views AccessibleTravel.Online – this is our story How it all started In 2009, we found the domain hotelaccessibility.com not taken. It was surprising, as so many people around the world need accurate and detailed accessibility information before simply going anywhere. So we started. One step at at a time.Continue Reading

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3,117 Views North Pole – EUROPE We had the opportunity to meet a very talented and loving Giver, at his home in Finland, close to the North Pole An interview with Santa Claus At this time of year, he works overtime. Day and night he is on the road –Continue Reading


751 Views International Day of Persons with Disabilities – DECEMBER 3 International Day of Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2022 Theme for IDPD 2022: “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world” More info about the UN IDPD theme here. FACEBOOK –Continue Reading

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1,104 Views Australia airlines accessibility services major airlines All major airlines in Australia on this page have extensive information for wheelchair users, travelers with assistance dogs or guide dogs owners and hearing impaired or visually impaired travelers. Australia airlines accessibility services Jetstar – customer service available in English Tiger AirContinue Reading

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3,445 Views Accessibility tips for hotel management INTERNATIONAL Every hotel is different. Hotels can be cities, with over 1.000 rooms or as small as 2 rooms as in a lovely family hotel in an Asian mountain village. Accessibility 101 for hotels Hotels have a focus on families, on business people,Continue Reading

International Assistance Dog Week

1,229 Views A series of 4: Accessibility is a bare necessity. Part 2: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Accessibility is a bare necessity – a series in ‘Awareness First’​ 2: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL In a series of 4, we will share some tips and insights. How easy it can beContinue Reading

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3,802 Views Come fly with me – extensive online airport websites research. INTERNATIONAL Enjoy your holiday – up we go A holiday abroad starts at the airport For people using a wheelchair or people who travel with their assistance dog, a visit to the airport can be an experience thatContinue Reading

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2,098 Views Airlines and airports experiences – wheelchairs, assistance dogs and airline customer services Carol Steinberg came across our website when it had been online only a very short time and offered to share her article she had published in the Boston Globe. She shares her routine on checking inContinue Reading

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1,129 Views International Assistance Dog Week Accessible Events global calendar International Assistance Dog Week This week (IADW) was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disability related limitations. During International Assistance Dog Week, we recognize and honor the hardworking assistance dogs. We raise awarenessContinue Reading

811 Views Museum tour in Amsterdam – a tour for the blind and visually impaired visitor Museum tour in Amsterdam – from the archives In the featured photo Danielle is holding hands with a bronze hand sculpture and her assistance dog Noah is beside her. The jets of water inContinue Reading

International Assistance Dog Week

1,645 Views Be aware of Assistance Dogs! Be Aware of Assistance Dogs In the 21st century, with all technology, engineering and architectural know how and experience available, it is far more easy to implement an accessibility standard than ever before. What about dogs? Guide Dogs. Assistance Dogs. Service Dogs. TherapyContinue Reading