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We interviewed Santa Claus


We interviewed Santa Claus

We interviewed Santa Claus

A very talented and loving Giver, at his home in Finland, close to the North Pole

At this time of year, he works overtime. Day and night he is on the road – or in the air – finding the right gifts for people to share. We are very thankful Santa Claus took the time for this interview. These are some highlights that we really wanted to share with you.

Santa Claus at Phantasialand Germany

Dear Santa, it is no secret that you are getting older, also you have a special diet; are you still able to keep up making all those air miles and taking care of 8 pets, all on your own?

Do you need help?

‘Well, it is ok to ask me this, I normally do no get upset when people start making assumptions that I need help, and that I can not be independent anymore.

Usually this comes from self reflection, rather than really understanding how it is to travel the skies and meet people on all continents, learn their cultures, traditions and see their beautiful cities. Besides, there are so many elves around. I never felt better.’

christmas palace amsterdam
The Christmas Palace in Amsterdam

Facilities at the North Pole

Can you tell us a bit about your hometown, at the North Pole. Is their any insurance company, or a government, a health care organisation where you can turn to when you need extra facilities in daily life. And what if you need an assistance reindeer? Or an adapted sleigh?

‘Hohoho, that is a great question. No we don’t have all of the above. The elves and me take care of each other. We don’t need any paperwork or investments to do that. We just take care of it.’

Merry Christmas Melbourne, Australia
Merry Christmas, in Melbourne, Australia

Elves with disabilities

What about elves who have difficulties seeing or hearing, or walking? Can they function in your workplace?

Santa replied, ‘Of course they can. First of all, they are the ones who understand most all the children who are like them, so we need them to make the right toys. Secondly, with today’s apps and online tools, the world is so much better for them to enjoy. It has made working and traveling so much easier’.

Last question

When you have to make and deliver so many different toys to so many different children, how do you decide what comes first?

Disneyworld Florida Merry Christmas
Mickey’s Very Merry X Mas parade in Disneyworld


‘We just make sure all children get their presents. We don’t have time to hold meetings, or do a lot of paperwork, we need to get things done. Children are waiting a whole year, for the gifts we bring. You can’t let them wait, or be late. We take our deadline very seriously.’

‘Thank you for your time, Santa’.

‘Any time! Oh, and about your accessibility stuff, keep it up! Great work! Merry Christmas!’

Sibiu christmas market
Sibiu Christmas market – Romania

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