Bell Air 4 Great Ocean Stays Australia

If Australia is on your dream list, we recommend Great Ocean Stays near the Great Ocean Road on the East Coast of Australia. Beautiful surroundings, fully accessible holiday rentals and expert staff who can arrange for all extra needs you have. Bell Air 4 is a wonderful accessible holiday rentalContinue Reading

Melanie fireplace Hilton Rotterdam

Melanie, who is on the ATO Travel team, stayed at the Hilton Rotterdam in December. Sparkling lights, beautiful Christmas decorations, and, a very accessible experience. This is her story: ATO AWARD “I called from the car we would arrive late due to traffic”. No problem, they said. A warm welcomeContinue Reading

wheelchair taxi service and tours

HollandHotelTaxi is your partner if you need to go from the airport to your hotel or if you have planned a day out. The accessible van has room for up to 3 wheelchair passengers. Tours in the Netherlands HollandHotelTaxi organises your tours in Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Edam, Keukenhof, Madurodam, Giethoorn, Delft,Continue Reading

Access Advisr Rob Trent photos collage

AccessAdvisr was developed by Rob Trent (United Kingdom) to provide an unbiased, real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabled people. By anonymising and combining the information people contribute we will share it with ethical service providers so they can improve the quality and accessibilityContinue Reading

Baile Felix resort

Lately, Romania is increasingly being included in the travel list of those eager to discover new destinations.Regardless of travel preferences, it ranks among the top travel options of those who have already exhausted traditional European destinations and now are focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. Given the visible progress inContinue Reading