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We give you 5 Good Reasons to visit and return to Accessible Travel Press

Reliable information

We do not sell tours or book accommodation for you – we recommend accessible places that have been checked and verified.

Basically, we have done your homework. You can be sure, that all information we share has been checked.

If it is not checked and verified by us, we made sure someone else did.

A travel blogger, an accessible travel agent, we do go the extra mile. To make life easier, we collect it all here in one online database.

Tens of thousands of links to accessibility information

Yes, you can find a broken link here and there. Because we link directly to accessibility pages of tens of thousands of places around the world, it is simply impossible to keep up 100% all the time.

We do manage to go at least 97% correct. If you do find one, yes, very annoying, please turn your frustration into contribution and let us know. Become active. It pays off you know, helping out.

Every day people visit our website from all corners of the world. We are a global family of travelers!

1 Mini Google

Not really, but you know, it’s getting there

Feel free to search the internet, the amount of information available is limitless and you never really know if it is accurate or up to date, right?

We have been doing research since 2011 and came up with a pretty great international database so far.

You can Google all you want, or spend days on Tripadvisor, chances are you find little or nothing at all when you need to know about accessibility of that hotel you want to stay in, that great museum you want to visit or how to prepare a lovely day at the beach.

That is because the majority of people in the travel industry does not care.

We do, so we collect high quality information from places who do care about all their visitors.

The good news is, that number is growing.

2 International database

airports, airlines, beaches, hotels,
attractions, museums, theme parks

At Accessible Travel Press you will find a lot of places to visit.

Use the SEARCH bars to know – type in a city or country name and see what it brings you.

We have some 500+ pages full of information. And thousands of links to accommodation, museums, reviews, parks and more. Growing and growing.

Wheeleasy founder Max Burt – Australia visiting India

3 Accessible Travel Tips


New tips, products, tours, maps or country guides are published all the time.

After subscribing (use the button below) to our free blog you receive a new post in your inbox every time.

4 Guest blog

send us your adventures, tours, apps and travel tips

You can share your story too – do you want the world to know about your website, your accessible tours, your product or services?

Use our services, Accessible Travel Press is a publishing platform. It’s what we do!

We are specifically looking for bloggers in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

5 Reviews that matter

accessibility reviews around the world

No. 1 RESOURCE accessibility REVIEWS- 30.000+ tested locations and counting

We collected the largest review websites for you to use. A number 1 resource accessibility reviews. Add your accessibility review at the largest and best review sites in Australia, Canada, Europe, USA.

Spread the word!

Instruction video for AccessAdvisr, one of the major accessibility review sites

Work with us

We can never map the world in one life time. Or even ten. Or more. Imagine how much information and travel tips we can collect if we work TOGETHER!

Here are some ways we can make the accessible travel labyrinth online more useful and visible:

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Our daily shares reach some people. Just a few really. Many small voices – there are a lot of small voices – have only a limited reach. Imagine what happens if they speak, connected thtough one voice. Together we can reach tens of thousands of people. Imagine that!

All it takes is like, comment, share. Tag us to be featured. It is what Accessible Travel Press is built for.

Sharing is caring

Every day people need to learn to live with a disability. Let’s make their lives a little easier. Share our resources. Save time and energy. Help us help others.

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