40 cities in 25 countries on wheels

Dublin_Garden of Remembrance

In December we met Vera, who is traveling around Europe. She is visiting 40 cities in 25 countries! Read our interview with Vera and let yourself be inspired by her personality. We are following your adventures for quite some time now and love to share your story here at AccessibleTravel.Online. Please tell us some more … Continue reading 40 cities in 25 countries on wheels

A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC

Money Matters A “risk” A “cost” A “charge” A “burden” A “liability” This is the degrading, devaluing reality thrust upon disabled people every day of our lives. In the USA The Americans With Disabilities Act has been law for more than a quarter of a century and barriers abound. Another generation has had to contend … Continue reading A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC

Treat yourself – visit the land of the natural spas

Outside pool baile felix

Spa and Resort tourism Without any false modesty, Romania has 1,300 mineral springs, which means at least one third of all resources in Europe. Spa tourism is a form of tourism with long tradition, the foundation of the first spa resort in Romania being set in the year 102 A.D.. It originates from Roman times, … Continue reading Treat yourself – visit the land of the natural spas

Bridge Builder

CEO Accessible Travel Online

AccessibeTravel.Online was founded by Marlies van Sint Annaland. After more than a decade of gaining experience in improving accessibility in shopping areas, she switched full-time to travel, a personal passion. The concept of ATO, that started out as Hotelaccessibility.com, came to mind in 2009.  As a person without a disability she learned to bridge the … Continue reading Bridge Builder

The hotelguest nobody hears about

deaf person

People who are deaf or can't hear well need a different approach when it comes to customer service and extra facilities when visiting hotels. First and foremost one has to consider what to do in case of emergency. The best extra you can give guests with a hearing impairment is to show a few words … Continue reading The hotelguest nobody hears about

Assistance Dogs

Helma en Banios assistance dog

A while ago our CEO published this LinkedIn article 'Let's get personal'.  One of many articles that will hopefully help create more awareness. In the 21st century, with all technology, engineering and architectural know how and experience available, it is far more easy to implement an accessibility standard than ever before. Still, it needs quite … Continue reading Assistance Dogs