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Park Life – Manchester, United Kingdom 2021

Park Life Manchester

Park Life in Manchester, United Kingdom In the famous Heaton Park in Manchester Park Life is organized this year for the 10th time. Parklife now ranks as the biggest metropolitan festival in Europe, with 160,000 fans headed to Manchester. ‘Madchester’ is already the UK's best city for live music, with


Tokyo Paralympics – Japan 2021

Paralympic Games Tokyo

Tokyo Paralympics - Japan 2021 Tokyo Paralympics 2021 - Japan The pictogram designs pay homage to the first ones used when the Japanese introduced pictograms to the Olympic Games back at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 to visually communicate each sport. According to Japanese designer Masaaki Hiromura, who led the

EXPO 2021 – Dubai, UAE

World Expo Dubai

EXPO 2021 - Dubai, UAE EXPO 2021 - Dubai, UAE EXPO 2021 - Dubai, UAE The largest event in the world has been postponed until October 2021.

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