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On this map you will find travel bloggers, Facebookpages, sometimes Instagram and Twitter accounts, that are all specifically about the country you click on. All in one map. Imagine you can travel the world right here on this map.

You will be watching videos about South Korea or Ecuador, scrolling on Facebookpages on every continent or enjoying Instagram posts on your bucket list destinations. And all you need is your phone or computer. Make yourself comfortable and dive in!

Counting countries

For some countries no social media source is available. If so, you will find a website sharing information about wheelchair travel, inclusive travel or accessible tourism.

This map is incredibly powerful if you realize that a century ago probably only a handful of countries could have been listed.

Most information available via this world map is for wheelchair users, however, not all travel information is limited to wheels and accessibility, in several countries the resources are for all travelers, meaning information is available for people with different disabilities.


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