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FAQ Travelers

In which countries can I find accessible travel tourist info?

How can I find airport accessibility information?

What does ATO Approved mean?

I want to travel with my assistance dog. Do you have information for me?

How can I receive updates on ATO accommodation promos or discounts?

How can I book a tour via AccessibleTravel.Online?

How can I order the products featured on AccessibleTravel.Online in my country?

Business FAQ

How can we list our hotel at ATO?

What are the minimum requirements to be listed?
(Museum, zoo, theme park, historic site, public transport)

Can I advertise my accessible tours at AccessibleTravel.Online?

I have a licensed accessible travel agency. How can I join the ATO network?

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They have traveled the world, in wheelchairs. With assistance dogs. They participate in European skiing competitions for the blind. They handbike, run half marathons with their buddies.

They know their way around Pakistan. Spain. Romania. Zimbabwe. Austria. United States. Uganda. the Netherlands and Australia. To mention a few countries.