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How can we be featured at Accessible Travel Press?

  • Publish your own page with stories, videos and tips
  • Editing services are included
  • We share your content on our social media channels
  • Free items in the newsletter

Being listed is completely free, whether you are a traveler turning stories into a business or a photographer capturing moments. We put you in the spotlight!

We do require sharing your page on Accessible Travel Press on your website.

We are publishing and collecting theme guides, city guides and country guides. At the blog we publish stories for you and from you.

Unlike any other website we share direct links to the location itself.

This means the accessibility information will be updated by the place you want to visit and you always have the latest info.

As there are thousands of links at Accessible Travel Press you will not always see immediately a link. Just mouse over words and the text color will change.

Or use the little blue man to use your preferred settings for reading or viewing!

Use the Accessibility Tools Button (the little blue man at the top right side) and choose Links Underline. All links will show immediately.

In which countries can I find accessible travel tourist information?

Accessible Travel Press works like a mini Google, you can find news and information in more than 45 countries.

You can browse our website for cities or countries, topics, names or general search entries. As we rebuild our website, more content is unlocked on a regular basis.

What if accessibility information is outdated or incomplete?

We only share direct links to accessibility information of the location itself.

All places to visit update the accessibility pages themselves. We update our links to these pages all the time.

Why not just use Tripadvisor or Google?

We have collected for you thousands and thousands of accessibility reviews made by and for you.

Over the years, some great review websites have built an enormous database that you can use.

You really need these high quality review sites and apps you can use in Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.

We just put them together to make things easier for you and save you tons of time.

Is Accessible Travel Press an independent website?

We receive no funding, no donations or commission from hotels. We totally love it if you click on any random ad – that gives us our one or two cents.

All info we publish is always checked & verified before shared online. We collect the best from the web, to create a powerful, international starting point online. For you.

How can I find airport accessibility information?

We provide hundreds of links to accessibility pages on national and international airports and airlines.

We checked and researched over 900 airport websites so far, and some 300+ are listed at our website.

We only share information CHECKED AND VERIFIED

What makes Accessible Travel Press different?


We focus on the international community. You can find over 100 stories about travelers from all corners of the globe.


We check before we share. Always.

If accessibility information provided is detailed and covers several topics (wheelchair access, assistance dogs welcome, facilities for visually or hearing impaired visitors), then we share loudly!

How do you share updates?

Easiest way to follow our updates is to subscribe to our blog. And share all you like.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter and adjust your notification settings, so our posts appear first in your timeline.

We absolutely love you for taking the time to share our resources with others and invite your friends to follow Accessible Travel Press.

My first language is not English. How can I use the website?

It is really easy to use the website in any language. Simply right-click anywhere on a page and it is automatically translated (in Google) to your language of choice.

Also, we share some pages in Spanish, French or Italian and occassionally other languages too.

How can I contribute to Accessible Travel Press?

We are happy to receive and publish your stories. For free.

Our goal is to reach many more families around the world – there is so much high quality content out there that is still invisible.

If every person reading this shares the accessible travel library with friends or family, a giant number of people would use it.

That would be so great, wouldn’t it? Help us help others.


Join the conversation and add your travel news and stories on
Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter or Youtube

We have collected and checked it for you, and we would like you to simply share.

FAQ for Business

What are the minimum requirements to be listed?


To list your property (hotel, holiday rental, resort, gîte) you can check our basic requirements.

A free listing is optional.

Museums, theme parks, historic sites, attractions

We need the following basic information on any location (museum, themepark, restaurant, outdoors recreation, etc) before listing your website:

  • A separate page on accessibility information in English at your website (preferably visible on your homepage)
  • We only use the link to your Accessibility page
  • We need to see your info about:
    1. assistance dogs welcome sign
    2. locations of wheelchair access / ramps
    3. all accessible toilets locations
    4. accessible parking spaces
    5. facilities for the blind and visually impaired
    6. facilities for deaf people
    7. availability (rental) wheelchairs / mobility scooters
    8. guided tours
    9. Acceptance of EDC (European Disability Card – more info here) if applicable (in Europe)
    10. contact info trained employees (if available)

Can I advertise at Accessible Travel Press?

Yes, we welcome specialized accessible tour agencies and travel agents offering day tours, group tours or fully organized tours. We welcome product suppliers and travel writers.

Here comes the best part: Advertising is free!

We ask a small investment in time and engagement and share your information at Accessible Travel Press actively.

A referral link is required.