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Do you have a great story to share? On a regular basis we also publish stories from guest writers.

Your story can be about:

  • the outdoors
  • museums
  • theme parks
  • your travels
  • your local favorites

or other great places everybody should know about. We welcome stories from all parts of the world.

Businesses and foundations

Do you have a website or an app that is a great contribution to the community, share your story with us.

You find an example of a blog post here: Trailblazers in accessible travel

Publishing details

  • Minimum word count: 400
  • Maximum word count: 900
  • Links to videos or other social media platforms are allowed, make sure to use the exact url
  • Images (minimum 5 maximum 10) can be sent separately via wetransfer.com or use a google drive link that allows us to use it.
  • Photos or images should not have dpi lower than 300. File size should not be over 1 MB.

Visit this website to learn about best use of images. You can also send us an email at info@accessibletravel.online.

It takes 2-3 days to get back to you. Do not worry about editing your text. If you submit your story, you give full permission to use any images, files or videos that are your intellectual property.

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