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Amsterdam? Who wants to go to Amsterdam? Who knows someone who has been to Amsterdam?

Yes, it is a fact. We all know Amsterdam. The picturesque photos of the canals in all seasons. The many shops, bars and restaurants located in historical buildings. The highest number of museums in a rather small radius.

Sea level

Magnificent architecture, some city parks and almost 1 million people living in the capital of the Netherlands. Somehow, most people who live there go everywhere by bike. Even thought the super flat country most still call Holland, and Amsterdam being below sea level (almost 2 meters!) you find actually quite a few steep bridges to cross in the city center.

Tips from a local

On Google maps you find some 100 reviews of accessible places in the Netherlands (photos and videos as well) of which quite a few have been made in Amsterdam. The lovely Vondelpark has a couple of places where you can have a drink and something to eat, but the Vondeltuin is the only one with an accessible toilet, ramp in place and very friendly staff.

Along the canal at the Oude Turfmarkt downtown you find the awesome and very accessible Allard Pierson museum. Their restaurant has the perfect canal view and their collections (archeology, history, astronomy, cartography) are absolutely a must a go see.

A day at the zoo is always fun. Artis has a lovely vibe, as you will find many sculptures, and many different trees and of course a lot of animals (every continent is represented). There is also a planetarium, an aquarium and a next door museum on ‘germs’ (Micropia). This review of Artis zoo shares a lot of photos and information.

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It started right here in Amsterdam

In 2009, the idea was born to create a worldwide hotel directory based on actual accessibility information on hotels called After raising two little ones, a lot of research and finding a team of volunteers and experts (who were the same in this case!) we celebrated an official website launch in January 2014. Although we had developed a great HotelCheck that is easy to use by everyone and gives a great feedback and report for hotel management, and the fact that we reached more than 150 really accessible hotels globally in no time, it soon became very clear this would not work.

Demand: huge. Feedback and support from the international disabled community: pretty good.
Interest and collaboration with the hotelindustry: zero (few exceptions here and there).

Building global working local

So, in 2016 we moved on to create an accessible travel platform. With 40 people involved (travel agents, bloggers, volunteers, international product suppliers) on 5 continents things went really well. And then the world shut down.

In 2022, we move in another direction: building global, working local is still one of our motto’s – we focus now on raising money locally to get more accessible places by selling ART for ACCESS and we continue to share detailed accessibility information of places to go see, always checked and verified. Thousands of places have been listed so far.

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More Amsterdam

There is so much to see and do in this beautiful city. The international vibe is very attractive. You hear so many different languages on the street. Don’t you love that?

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