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Accessible Travel Foundation
The Accessible Travel Foundation is a non profit organization in alliance with Accessible Travel Online

The Accessible Travel Foundation raises awareness on the importance of accessible travel

  • Art for Access
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Hotel (and other accommodation) audits using the ATO Hotelcheck
  • Service Products such as QR menus for restaurants.

Art for Access

In 2022 we start with a wonderful project called Art for Access. There are so many requests and wishes out there for better access, it would take centuries to make that a reality. So, we figured to combine things:

we find artists to create access!

This is how it works: if you create art, that could be paintings, drawings or photography, we can connect you to a charity or community request of your choice.

Example: a charity or foundation in a beach city needs beach wheelchairs and access trax. A shopping mall needs proper accessible toilets. A community center needs facilities to welcome visitors with service dogs. You name it!

Instead of donating money, people can buy art instead.

A percentage of the revenue goes to the charity of choice and the artist. These prints below are an example. We can share up to 30 collections.

Visit the shop

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Awards of Excellence

In 2019, the first Awards of Excellence have been given to businesses who have made excellent contributions to the accessible travel world. In 2021, again Awards have been given to people who contribute on a large scale to a more accessible world.

The Award of Excellence is issued in 5 categories:

Accessible Travel Products

Accessible Travel Agency

Accessible Accommodation

Accessible Travel App

Accessible Travel Foundation

Accessible Favorite of the Year 2019, 2020, 2021

Accessible Favorites by public vote 2021

  1. Wheeleasy, Australia
  2. Rahul on Wheels, India
  3. Hunter Valley Tours, Australia

Accessible Favorites by public vote 2020

  1. AccessAdvisr (Rob Trent), United Kingdom
  2. Kruger National Park, South Africa
  3. Missouri History Museum, United States

Accessible Favorites by public vote 2019

  1. Lazarillo app, Chile
  2. WelcoMe app by Neatebox, United Kingdom
  3. Thermal spa resort Baile Felix, Romania

Nominate your favorite accessible place 2023

You can nominate a hotel, a resort, a product or service, an app, a museum, a theme park, a zoo, an airport or a tourist attraction anywhere in the world.

Send an email with the name and website of your favorite accessible place to info@accessibletravel.online.

Accessible Travel Foundation Services

ATO Awareness Tool: Hotel Check (available for hotels, resorts and holiday rentals)

Please fill out the form below to schedule a Hotel Check.

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