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879 Views Accessible accommodation in the Mediterranean – EUROPE Awesome accessible accommodation in Cyprus 40+ accessible hotels – checked and verified Cyprus is a sunny island in the Mediterranean. If you need rest, vitamin D, great food and accessible beaches, Cyprus is your destination. Every time of the year youContinue Reading

sandcruiser wheelEEZ

3,608 Views Wheeleez on the beach – Sandcruiser, Conversion Kit, Sandpiper From airline to coast line Peter Reich, CEO of APSL (Asian Prime Sources Limited) never realized that he has been in the Service and Assist business all his life, until now. This is the international success story of Peter,Continue Reading

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0 Views EUROPE – Accessible Travel Bloggers in Italy, museums, historic sites, outdoors Capital – Rome | Currency – Euro | Timezone – GMT +1 Public Transport / By car Train  – ItaliaRail Rome – Underground Metro system Rentals Genoa – Preno Taxi (taxi services and small excursions) By carContinue Reading

Accessible beach life around the world. 300+ beaches.

2,127 Views Musthaves in your suitcase INTERNATIONAL Are you packed? Let’s go! Accessible travel products, services and apps are exactly what you need when you go on your next accessible adventure Take a shower The bathroom – the most complicated space while traveling. Rick Goldstein, from Arizona in the UnitedContinue Reading

kangaroo in Australia on the beach

1,490 Views Not to miss when you travel in AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY | NEW SOUTH WALES | NORTHERN TERRITORY QUEENSLAND | SOUTH AUSTRALIA | TASMANIA | VICTORIA | WESTERN AUSTRALIA This great land has so many places to go visit, here are a few to consider. Click on theContinue Reading

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838 Views A series of 4: Accessibility is a bare necessity. Part 3: TECHNICAL – OUT OF ORDER Accessibility is a bare necessity – a series in ‘Awareness First’​ 3: TECHNICAL In a series of 4, we will share some tips and insights. How easy it can be to implementContinue Reading

Great Ocean Stays Victoria

1,532 Views Accessible Great Ocean Stays – Victoria, Australia The state of Victoria, in Southeastern Australia, is known for the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and amazing outdoor recreation. Modern interior This 4 bedroom accessible holiday rental Bell Air 2 at Great Ocean Stays is promoting inclusive travel for all. Modern,Continue Reading