Guestblog from Argentina

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Buenos dias, everybody in the Spanish speaking regions of the world - meet Nellida, a travel blogger from Argentina who has been traveling the world for quite some years. You can find her stories on New York, Paris, Madrid, Prague or Mexico and Cuba and of course her beloved Venice, to name a few destinations … Continue reading Guestblog from Argentina

Bridge Builder

CEO Accessible Travel Online

AccessibeTravel.Online was founded by Marlies van Sint Annaland. After more than a decade of gaining experience in improving accessibility in shopping areas, she switched full-time to travel, a personal passion. The concept of ATO, that started out as, came to mind in 2009.  As a person without a disability she learned to bridge the … Continue reading Bridge Builder

Assistance Dogs

Helma en Banios assistance dog

A while ago our CEO published this LinkedIn article 'Let's get personal'.  One of many articles that will hopefully help create more awareness. In the 21st century, with all technology, engineering and architectural know how and experience available, it is far more easy to implement an accessibility standard than ever before. Still, it needs quite … Continue reading Assistance Dogs

Accessibility tips for hotels – 10 little things

Every hotel is different. Hotels can be cities, with over 1.000 rooms or as small as 2 rooms as in a lovely family hotel in an Asian mountain village. Hotels have a focus on families, on business people, or both. We feel that accessibility should be a standard, a given in every hotel, lodge or … Continue reading Accessibility tips for hotels – 10 little things

Welcome APP

Accessible Travel Apps

Customer service "Welcome" addresses the issue of inadequate customer service for visitors with specific accessibility requirements caused by a lack of disability awareness and confidence of staff members.   Free 'Welcome' App brings freedom and independence The free 'Welcome' app allows you to request visits to participating venues, indicating the areas you need customer service … Continue reading Welcome APP

Romantic Romania – music festivals and mineral springs

Baile Felix resort

Lately, Romania is increasingly being included in the travel list of those eager to discover new destinations. Regardless of travel preferences, it ranks among the top travel options of those who have already exhausted traditional European destinations and now are focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. Given the visible progress in terms of tourism infrastructure, … Continue reading Romantic Romania – music festivals and mineral springs