focs de Sant Joan a Platja d'Aro catalonia spain

Firecrackers, bonfires, packed beaches, a torch relay from the mountains to the cities, and happy children. These are only some of the elements converging in one of the most magical and brightest nights of the year in Catalonia, Midsummer’s Eve (also known as Saint John’s Eve, June 23). Dating back some hundreds ofContinue Reading

Feria de Abril Sevilla Spain

Amongst all the fascinating Spanish festivals, the April Fair of Seville is one event that would definitely make you fall in love with the country’s culture. This weeklong fair begins with the traditional lighting of the entrance to the fairgrounds at midnight and is a colourful extravaganza of flamenco, horses andContinue Reading

Sardines at the beach Malaga Spain

Sardines in chocolate Carnival in Spain, like everywhere else in the world, marks the start of Lent, a Christian religious observance. The carnival ends with the “burying of the sardine,” to end the parties, and chocolate sardines are a carnival treat. Restaurants also include chocolate sardines in their menu during Carnival. This bizarreContinue Reading

Sant Jordi Saint George Day

Books and Roses Sant Jordi, or Saint George’s Day is much more than a simple feast day in Catalonia. It is the Catalan equivalent to Valentine’s Day. This day is also known as “the Rose and Books festival”. On this day, people give their partners, their loved ones, their friendsContinue Reading