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Welcome App Customer Service Welcome App customer service “Welcome” addresses the issue of inadequate customer service for visitors with specific accessibility requirements caused by a lack of disability awareness and confidence of staff members. Free ‘Welcome’ App brings freedom and independence The free ‘Welcome’ app allows you to request visitsContinue Reading

accessible hotel room

Accessibility tips for hotels Accessibility tips for hotels Every hotel is different. Hotels can be cities, with over 1.000 rooms or as small as 2 rooms as in a lovely family hotel in an Asian mountain village. Hotels have a focus on families, on business people, or both. We feelContinue Reading

Sandra Emons

Guestblog: wheelchairs and airports Part II Guestblog: wheelchairs and airports Part II Sandra, who has been a member of the ATO Travel Team for some time now, wrote one of the first guest blogs for Accessible Travel Online in February 2017. For more than 10 years, I have worked forContinue Reading