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Exploring Egypt

Exploring Egypt accessible tours

Hassan Musleh tells his story:

With over 65 year in tourism, Memphis Tours prides itself to be the first online travel agency in Egypt and the Middle East.

Our work emerged from a broad vision which aims to be the go-to people for going anywhere by creating the world’s most personalizable and inspiring travel programs.

pyramid photography egypt
Photography of the Great Pyramids of Giza

“We strive to create the best travel experiences through superior service and care, commitment to sustainable tourism, and enthusiasm for making new places fun and accessible to anyone.”

view highest tower Cairo Egypt
view from the highest tower in Cairo

Accessible Travel in Egypt

We started our focus on accessible tourism by creating the first built-in ramped vehicle in which our handicapped customers will find an ease of use and comfort.

Besides, we will keep creating vehicles for the same use all over Egypt to serve our customers who are interested in every corner of Egypt.
In this regard, we use our technology companies to go beyond the expectations.

Hassan Musleh Egypt
Hassan Musleh – Memphis Tours

Hassan Musleh says, “I have been in the tourism field for over 14 years, working with customers from everywhere in the world.
When it is necessary to recharge myself, I always think of the Pyramids of Giza. How great they are, and well built. A place where lots of secrets have not been revealed yet!”

Accessible tours in Egypt – a personal goal

I have developed a passion to branding our accessible tours in Egypt.
My target is as what my company is established for, to make everything accessible to our customer. From here I started my endeavors to reach everywhere in the world and promote to Egypt as an accessible destination.

There are quite a few accommodations with accessible rooms for your enjoyment and comfort.

Exploring Egypt – accessible tours
Accessible bathroom at the Acamar cruise ship (Nile cruise)

As they say at Memphis Tours “We believe, that every human has the right to see the beauty and history of our nation and that pushed us faster to become the leader in accessible tourism in Egypt. We started 65 years ago, and we are still beating the time. With us, your dream wont just come true only, but it will be a once in a lifetime experience.”

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