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Art in Australia – photography from a wheelchair


Art in Australia – photography from a wheelchair

Art in Australia – photography from a wheelchair

Bill is a wheelchair user who lives in Childers, Queensland, an agricultural area and a major sugarcane growing area. The combination of red dirt, lines of cane in its varying growth and added attraction of foggy mornings has given Bill great motivation to capture this special area of Australia among many other places.

Art in Australia - photography from a wheelchair
“Flying into the weekend. I saw the cockatoo sitting on the post and by the time I had my camera ready this is what I managed to shoot. Very happy with it I must say”

Art in Australia

Traveling around Australia

While Bill and his wife love the Childers area, they have travelled extensively throughout the eastern states of Australia being New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia with their caravan (trailer) for two years before once again settling in Childers.

Art in Australia - photography from a wheelchair
Perry Sand Dunes at Wentworth, south western New South Wales

Bill has the gift to capture moments

Bill is an inquisitive man, taking many detours in his travels to see what photo opportunities may be down this dirt road, or near that river or lake, with sunrises or sunsets being a real attraction to him.

These photographs are a small sample of the collection that Bill has amassed in the past few years. He hopes viewing these photos will give you the same pleasure that it gave him in taking them.

australia sunset
Burrum Heads sunset


Enjoy the pinterest board we created of Bill’s astonishing work. There are over sixty photos now. If you are interested in a print or a copy please contact Bill via email.


Bill is very active on Twitter and shares besides his gorgeous photo work also updates from his personal life as well disability and accessibility related topics in Australia or in the world at large.

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