Access is a chain Access is a chain By Marnie Peters, President of Accessibility Simplified, from Canada Marnie is recognized as an Internationally Certified Accessibility Consultant – Built Environment (ICAC-BE), Level 3 – Expert. Universal design and accessibility When speaking with clients or giving presentations about universal design and accessibility,Continue Reading

Rob Trent holiday

Reviews at AccessAdvisr – in 21 countries Reviews at AccessAdvisr – in 21 countries At the AccessAdvisr website you find over 2400 reviews worldwide. AccessAdvisr was developed by Rob Trent (United Kingdom) to allow disabled people to provide a real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabledContinue Reading

Come fly with me

Building global working local How it started AccessibleTravel.Online was founded in 2016 as a website where travelers with a disability could find information about accessible accommodation. Soon after we added airport information. So much information – internet jungle As we discovered there is so much information out there, waiting toContinue Reading

new york time square

A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC about accessibility A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC about accessibility Money Matters A “risk”A “cost”A “charge”A “burden”A “liability”This is the degrading, devaluing reality thrust upon disabled people every day of our lives. In the USA The Americans With Disabilities Act has beenContinue Reading

santa claus north pole

We interviewed Santa Claus We interviewed Santa Claus A very talented and loving Giver, at his home in Finland, close to the North Pole At this time of year, he works overtime. Day and night he is on the road – or in the air – finding the right giftsContinue Reading