A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC

Money Matters A “risk” A “cost” A “charge” A “burden” A “liability” This is the degrading, devaluing reality thrust upon disabled people every day of our lives. In the USA The Americans With Disabilities Act has been law for more than a quarter of a century and barriers abound. Another generation has had to contend … Continue reading A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC

We interviewed Santa Claus

santa claus north pole

We interviewed Santa Claus, a very talented and loving Giver, at his home in Finland, close to the North PoleAt this time of year, he works overtime. Day and night he is on the road - or in the air - finding the right gifts for people to share. We are very thankful Santa Claus … Continue reading We interviewed Santa Claus

City Centre Amsterdam – 500 ramps for retail

tourist at a store

Over the last 5 years, shops in the Amsterdam city center started using a ramp, to make the entrance accessible. The ramps are used when needed, to avoid problems when the streets are too crowded. Within the city center over 500 ramps are in use, and they are easily recognized: the Amsterdam logo is printed … Continue reading City Centre Amsterdam – 500 ramps for retail

Hotelmanagers – who is the sexiest of all?

pool at the Corendon hotel Amsterdam

For a long time accessibility and hospitality were worlds apart. Sometimes, that one room for wheelchair users at the end of the hall way, with a terrible view, had only 1 bed. Over the years, after a booming industry in careproducts and accessible design furniture thriving and many inventions in that industry later, hotels have … Continue reading Hotelmanagers – who is the sexiest of all?