Instagram Influencers – what is accessible travel?


Instagram Influencers – accessible travel Instagrammers around the world

Instagram Influencers – Who to follow, and where do they travel?

In the world of accessible travel you find many many websites, blogs, and Instagram Influencers. Famous and not so famous people sharing their travel experiences and their life stories.

We first shared this post June 2018. There is no comparison, because they all use Instagram in a different way. Some post daily, some every now and then. Country sizes differ enormously.

Not all Instagrammers post in English. What these influencers all have in common, is that they show moments in their lives, sometimes to inspire, sometimes to raise awareness. They all love travel, suffer from great wanderlust, and go the extra extra mile to discover and explore.

Instagram Influencers
Accessible Travel around the world

 Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Morocco – Disabled Tourist Guide

South Africa – Briony Etc


Melbourne – Smiths holiday road and Love Moxie (Stacey)

New Zealand – Wheely Wacky Adventures

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"Leah is one of my closest friends. We met when I started high school in year 9 and we became friends after camp because she liked my socks. We don’t say she is my carer because we were friends first and personally I’m not a fan when people refer to her as my carer because even though she cares for me, she’s my friend and the caring is a bonus. She’s like a big sister so she’s probably standing here disagreeing because I’m like she’s not my carer after she’s just won the carer award but it’s ok I know you love me Leah. We have a very special friendship for example she understands everything I say which nobody else can do. Leah has never had an issue with doing anything for me, sometimes I feel sorry for what she has had to do. We have a list of things she hates doing but because we’re like sisters and we joke about them so I tell her oh well that’s what you get paid to do so do it. Our friendship is definitely a sister relationship because we wind each other up and tease each other but I always know we have each other’s back no matter where we are. Wheely Wacky Adventures is definitely a big part of our friendship and the passion we have for helping the disability community. With her love of caring as well as film, we’ve been able to go on some pretty amazing trips and document them. Our trip to America last year and our winter road trip in the South Island have to be some of my favourite trips we’ve been on so far. I don’t know how she put up with me but maybe that’s why she moved to Christchurch, to get away from me. We have a lot of fun on our trips and come home with a lot of funny stories either about people falling off chairs or us falling down hills. Leah is an amazing friend and person. I know I don’t say it as much as I should but Leah I’m so proud of you for everything you have done so far such as donating a kidney, looking after Levi as well as putting up with my antics growing up and becoming an adult. There’s nobody else I’d want to have a project with and I don’t think I’d let anyone else make me jump out of a plane.“ Rest is in the comments

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FinlandWheels on the beach (Sanna Kalmari)

France – I wheel travel

Greecethe TraWheeler (Kamil Goungor)


PolandRoby my Podroze

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❓Co powiecie na podróże czasie w sercu wielkiego miasta ❓ Taką podróż oferuje Białystok i szlak architektury drewnianej w tym mieście 🏙 W naszej wędrówce przez to miasto krzyżowaliśmy swoje kroki z „drewnianym szlakiem” wielokrotnie aż trafiliśmy na ulicę Koszykową na Bojarach 😊 Czas jakby się tu zatrzymał i można odnieść mylne wrażenie, że wylądowaliśmy na wsi, podczas gdy domy na Koszykowej, choć drewniane, to z wiejskimi chałupami nic wspólnego nie mają. 💡 Najstarszy drewniany dom na tej ulicy datowany jest na drugą połowę dziewiętnastego wieku. Większość zabudowań to jednak przełom XIX i XX wieku 🕰 Koszykowa to jedna z ulic na białostockich Bojarach, które przez lata zamieszkane były przez inteligencję, urzędników, czy nauczycieli. Odwiedzał je sam Józef Piłsudski, a pisarze porównywali między innymi z przedmieściami Wilna czy przedmieściami angielskimi 🤩 Jedno jest pewne – ma to miejsce niezwykły urok i aż strach pomyśleć, iż czyniono wysiłki, by dziedzictwo Bojar zniszczyć 😲 Mamy nadzieję, że Białostocczanie zrozumieli jednak, jaki mają w swoim mieście skarb i zamiast słów „zacofanie”, „wieś w mieście” czy „rudera” zaczną z dumą mówić o Bojarach. Nas niezwykle urzekły, choć wpadliśmy tu tylko ba chwilę 💙🤩 #robimypodroze #polskanawózku #polskajestpiekna #białystok #wschodzacybialystok #polska_w_obiektywie #disabledcantravel #visitbialystok #visitpoland🇵🇱 #koszykowa #bojary #architekturadrewniana #zwiedzajpolske #znajkraj #polandisbeautiful #polishwoman💋 #wheelchairtravel #polskanaweekend #polskanawakacje #podrozepopolsce #blogpodróżniczy #podróżemałeiduże #niepełnosprawni #zakochajsiewpolsce #podlasietakiepiękne #visitpodlasie #polskatravel

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Spainthe blind cane girl (Beatriz)

Scotland – Simply Emma

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[#Ad] I recently spoke about self-belief and how it was something I often struggle with. But I wanted to touch on that in more detail. I first noticed I had low confidence starting high school. That’s when I had to use my manual wheelchair full-time because I was falling more and struggling to walk unaided. For six years of high school, I had a great group of friends who all knew what help I needed and pushed my wheelchair. They were my security blanket. Then I went to college, which was really daunting. I knew no one. I made the decision to use my power wheelchair full-time so I didn’t have to rely on anyone to push me. This gave me more independence. But I still lacked confidence. I made friends at college and things got easier. The head of the department encouraged me to apply for university, but I suffered major self-doubt. Going to college 10 minutes from my house was physically challenging, how on earth would I manage to go to uni almost an hour from home every day and keep up with the workload? Who would I get to help me? I didn’t believe it was possible or believe in my abilities at all. I applied anyway and I got accepted. But I wasn’t on my own this time. The disabled student advisor was a great help and arranged a notetaker, gave me extra time to complete exams and lots of other support that I needed. The biggest help of all was having my sister come along as my PA. She helped with all the physical things I couldn’t do and it was good having someone I knew with me which gave me a boost. It wasn’t an easy journey and one that I didn’t think I could achieve, but I did. I got my degree. Having the right support makes all the difference and enables you to achieve whatever you want. That’s actually what @leonardcheshire do, a charity supporting individuals with disabilities to live as independently, whatever their ability. They reached 61,221 disabled people in their communities last year through programmes that developed their skills and built their confidence on their journey to independence. Find out how Leonard Cheshire has helped so many disabled people and how they can help you – link in bio #LeonardCheshire #ActuallyICan #Disability

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Turkey – Serhat Eronal 

Instagram Influencer Serhat Eronal is a speaker and a real celebrity in his country. In this role, he can have a major influence on improving and implementing accessibility for all people with a disability in Turkey. Well done!

 South America

Argentina – Nell Barbeito

Brazil – Casadaptata blog

Peru – The journey of a brave woman (Marcela)

 United States and Canada

It’s LoLoLove

Gimpy Globetrotter


The Globe on wheels (Jasmine Marchand)

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