Instagram Influencers – accessible travel on social media

Instagram Influencers – accessible travel

Instagram Influencers – accessible travel

In the world of accessible travel you find many many websites, blogs, and Instagram Influencers. Famous and not so famous people sharing their travel experiences and their life stories.

We first shared this post June 2018. One year and one summer later, we share the updated version, to show you how these Influencers have been doing.

There is no comparison, because they all use Instagram in a different way. Some post daily, some every now and then. Country sizes differ enormously. Not all post in English. What they all have in common, is that they show moments in their lives, sometimes to inspire, sometimes to raise awareness. They all love travel, suffer from great wanderlust, and go the extra extra mile to discover and explore.

a disability knows no barriers accessible travel online

They are people with disabilities who use Instagram to share their stories, their message, their travel life. This is truly great for their followers, whether in their own country or abroad. Regardless of age.

20 Instagram accounts
around the world

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 Africa, Australia and New Zealand

MoroccoDisabled Tourist Guide
(800+ more followers)

MelbourneSmiths holiday road

wheely wacky adventures
New ZealandWheely Wacky Adventures 600+ more followers

MelbourneLove Moxie (Stacey)
1000+ followers


Aurelie I wheel travel
France I wheel travel (Aurelie) 400+ followers

PolandRoby my Podroze 600 more followers

FinlandWheels on the beach (Sanna Kalmari) 350 more followers

Greecethe TraWheeler (Kamil Goungor) 1200 more followers

HungaryWheelchairguy 21.100+

Spainthe blind cane girl (Beatriz) 300 more followers

Instagram Influencers - accessible travel
NetherlandsHelma Verhoeven 100+ more followers
Instagram Influencers - accessible travel
ScotlandSimply Emma  1100+ more followers

This Instagram Influencer gained almost 40.000 new followers in a little over a year. Serhat is a speaker and a real celebrity in his country. In this role, he can have a major influence on improving and implementing accessibility for all people with a disability in Turkey. Well done!

Turkey – Serhat Eronal  37.500 more followers

 South America

Instagram Influencers - accessible travel
ArgentinaAccessibilidad Nelida Barbeito
400+ followers


Casadaptata blog 7000+ more followers


The journey of a brave woman (Marcela) 23.000+ more followers

 United States and Canada

Instagram Influencers - accessible travel
California, USA – Its LoLoLove
10.000 more followers

United States

Gimpy Globetrotter 2000 followers

The hashtag #Wheeliesaroundtheworld
(1850 posts) by Alysia Kezerian (@wheeliesaroundtheworld) 250 more followers


The Globe on wheels (Jasmine Marchand) 1350 more followers

Instagram Influencers – accessible travel