Belgium accessible beach sign

5,228 Views oceans, beaches and happy vibes – INTERNATIONAL Accessible beach life and healing ocean vibes in Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Caribbean, Cyprus, France, Greece, India, Italy, Martinique, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States VAMOS A LA PLAYA! We are going to the beach, are youContinue Reading

Martinique Access Ile Noel Cicalini

3,749 Views MARTINIQUE – CARIBBEAN Accessible sports in merveilleux (wonderful) Martinique Merveilleux Martinique – accessible activities Scuba diving and parachuting Noel Cicalini founded Martinique Access’île, a social travel agency, in 2010. Noel, himself a paraplegic, is specialized in organizing holidays for handicapped people and the elderly. Martinique guide Go directlyContinue Reading

2,231 Views Discover Martinique! Fort de France Visit the city of the poet Aimé Cesaire Enjoy the spice market, the Malécon, and its souvenir shops. The historic Fort is home to iguanas. The nearby Parc de la Savane is beautiful. Did you know there is a statue of Josephine deContinue Reading