Aurelie going global on wheels

Aurelie going global – FRANCE, NEW ZEALAND, JAPAN, MARTINIQUE, ITALY and more

Aurelie going global, on wheels

Meet Aurélie, travel blogger from France, sharing her adventures in both English and French at her beautiful blog Iwheeltravel.

Her photos are beautiful and her stories are encouraging and inspiring. We are a fan!

Over the years Aurélie has visited many countries, making her blog a valuable and high quality source of travel information for many others who want to go global on wheels too.

Sitskiing in New Zealand

I tried sit ski and I liked it!
For a very long time I though that I would never be able to ski.

Sometimes my friends left for winter break and I even didn’t question myself about going with them or not. I was so wrong! We can have a disability and ski!

Aurelie - I wheel travel - sit ski
Aurelie – I wheel travel – sit ski

I tried it for the first time in New Zealand on a volcano!
Indeed Whakapapa ski resort in Mount Ruapehu offers adaptive lessons for disabled people, including people with a visual impairment.

First I have to set up myself in the sit ski

The sit ski is a seat which rests on suspensions. Under those, there is one or two skis. When I am sitting on it I need someone to make it stable, to hold it. The shell is very tight around the thighs and waist. My body is really well maintained.

I can ski!

Now I can ski alone!

My instructor stays behind me but she doesn’t guide or hold me anymore. The last thing I need to learn is to get on a ski lift by myself and to practise on harder slopes.

“I wanted to travel for a long time so when I received my first wages I started to save up and, with Franck my partner, we decided to go on vacation to Japan for three weeks.

It was obvious that if I wanted to really enjoy this journey, without suffering from pain and tiredness, I had no other choice than to bring a wheelchair. So I went to buy one.

Surprisingly I was not overwhelmed by sadness, embarrassment or shame.
I felt free!


I found my independence again

This feeling of freedom has been multiplied by ten during our Japanese trip. I became aware of all the things I could do. I opened myself to the world and, by doing so, I rediscovered myself.

I was able to do a lot more that I used to do before. My handicap was not an obstacle.

It was I who was setting limits

Aurelie – I wheel travel

This travel was an important moment of my life. I understood and felt a many things. I was really enjoying life. I was happy and unfazed. I accepted even a bit more my handicap and I discovered my passion to travel and explore, to wanderlust.”

Aurelie traveled to Asia, Europe, Oceania

This is Aurélie Loaec in Tokyo, Japan on a gorgeous day in Spring

aurelie i wheel travel

Please visit her travelblog: I Wheel Travel

Hopefully you like my stories, and you will go exploring this beautiful planet too.”

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