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City Centre Amsterdam – 500 ramps for retail

Over the last 5 years, shops in the Amsterdam city center started using a ramp, to make the entrance accessible. The ramps are used when needed, to avoid problems when the streets are too crowded. Within the city center over 500 ramps are in use, and they are easily recognized: the Amsterdam logo is printed on them.

When it is possible to leave the ramp all day out, shop owners do. ‘It is inviting customers’, they say. ‘Also, it is very practical to use for all kinds of wheels, not only for wheelchair users. Many happy parents come back, because it is easy to get the stroller inside. And our suppliers don’t complain either.’

Old historic citycenters, like in Amsterdam, can be challenging to create an accessible environment. In Amsterdam, the use of these mobile ramps is a great solution. Not every shop can be made accessible in this way, but over 350 shops already are.