Shanne en Danny

ATO travel team: Meet Shanne and Danny


My name is Shanne Ebbeling and I have been born in 1992. I’m living together in Zaanstad with my boyfriend Danny Blom who is also in the ATO team. We have met each other on the internet, on a dating site for disabIed people. I am in a wheelchair, visually and auditory impaired. Besides that I have a lot more disabilities like my coordination issues and speech.

I think it’s important that a hotel is accessible for everybody and that everyone can live their lives as independently as far as possible. It’s nice to know which hotel is accessible and which not. Not every hotel is accessible as they say they are.

Next to ATO, I like to do Nice Things, like spending time with my friends and family, go shopping and do sports.
I do sport every week (for 3 years now) in Amsterdam and attend some sport events, like the Vondelgames.

The gym is accessible for me and they give some extra support when needed. I gave among other things college lessons for students. I also have been in different interviews in Dutch magazines such as &C, Vriendin and UITzaanstreek. There is also a recording of me in a Dutch tv show ’Je zal het maar hebben’.

Besides these things I am studying psychology at the university. I have now different certificates finished with good results. At the moment I study clinical neuropsychology.


My name is Danny Blom and I have been born in 1983. Originally I come from Geldermalsen, but I live with my girlfriend Shanne (who is also in the ATO team) in Zaanstad since 2017. I think it is always important that places are accessible for everyone.

A few years ago I have had a stroke in the left side of my brain. Now I am paralyzed at the right and I have aphasia (a disorder in the system of language). I walk with different tools. The house where we are living is totally adjusted (the kitchen, bathroom etc), so we can live our lives as independent as possible.

I like to drive in my car. I had to go up for the exam to get my drivers licence again. Since I have got it back, I like to drive to unknown places, no matter the distance. Shanne’s wheelchair can go with us, because we have an elevator for the wheelchair, so we can go together everywhere.

I have speech therapy twice a week and I do physical workouts for my strength. My language is much better than 5 years ago. Every week I do better. I hope to mean a lot for ATO.

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