A new tourist attraction in Amsterdam is not to be missed: Amsterdam Lookout. Located on the north side of the IJ, the water dividing the city center and the northern part of Amsterdam.

This attraction is so popular, that even though it is open 10 am -10 pm every day, it is pretty crowded. Think about it, sitting on a giant swing, enjoying a magnificent view of Amsterdam! We recommend to call or email if you want to know the hours less crowded. The building is wheelchair accessible. Accessible toilets are on the first floor and the 20th floor.
The main entrance is difficult to use when you are on your own, friendly staff is there to assist. In the Lookout you go up in a special Experience Elevator. If you have problems with lights and sounds, staff will take you to the top in a regular elevator.

There is no need to make reservations ahead. Once on the top of the building, you can enjoy a magnificent view. For the ones who dare to be on a swing on a 20 story building, we advise the following:

The transfer from the platform to the swing is 3 meters, and has to be made independently. If you are able to walk a few steps and can transfer on your own, or with help (carer, family, friends), you can use the swing. If not, the staff cannot be responsible and we strongly advise not to use the swing and enjoy the view instead.

You can bring your assistance dog. In the Amsterdam Lookout tower, you can enjoy a drink or a sandwich in the restaurant “m’Adam” on the 19th floor.

Accessible parking √

Assistance dogs welcome √

Accessible toilets  √

Accessible elevators √

Wheelchair accessible √