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The hotelguest nobody hears about


The hotelguest nobody hears about

The hotelguest nobody hears about

People who are deaf or can’t hear well need a different approach when it comes to customer service and extra facilities when visiting hotels.

First and foremost one has to consider what to do in case of emergency. The best extra you can give guests with a hearing impairment is to show a few words in sign language.

It is easy to learn and shows hospitality with a capital H. Even better is investing in a mobile alarm system to be used for this group of guests and a training for your staff.


In the UK and in France two leading specialists  in the field of communications with the deaf and hard of hearing hotelguests  offer their knowledge and products to hotels. We like to introduce them here and if you have any questions feel free to contact them.

Alarm system

The Accessens system is wireless and very easy to install. It is made to serve the hotel industry. The office of the company is based in Paris. Investing in a Strobe Light Unit is definitely something we suggest.

70 million

According to the World Federation of  the Deaf there are about 70 million people in the world who are deaf. But if you think about your customers, and how many seniors are traveling, the number could be tenfold if you add the hard of hearing.
We have easy to read travel info in 15 languages to take with you while traveling. You can find them here (Chose Travel and Hearing Impairment on general country info pages).


As it is with every product to improve your services, the best results are when you invest in the product, in (training) communications with all groups of hotel guests and of course in AWARENESS. The Awareness factor is always key.

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