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At Accessible Travel Press you can easily spend a couple of hours searching, reading and exploring when you decide to dive into the world of accessible travel, or when you need to plan a fun day out in your hometown.

This is not a website for people with a disability, exclusively

Accessible Travel Press is a website where you find checked and verified information when it comes to accessible accommodation, places to go see or information about travel by air or railroad.

It is also not about wheelchair travel only. You will find information useful for people with guide dogs, deaf travelers, blind travelers.

We know from experience that travelers with a disability not always have enough time or energy to go online and search for hours on end to make an attempt organizing a trip to the local museum.

That is why we encourage to share our website with friends and family and let them dive in too.

Over the years we have built a large database that is always kept up-to-date. We call it now the ‘Accessible Travel Library’.

That is why we have decided to focus on publishing guides and stories, you are welcome to share yours! and helping communities and fundraising projects through our non profit the Accessible Travel Foundation.

What is Accessible Travel Press?

Local and global

We collect as much as information we can find. Detailed accessibility information on the location itself, stories and tips from well known accessible travel bloggers. The major accessibility review platforms out there. It is all here.


From here onwards, we simply need you to share. Anything interesting or useful you find at Accessible Travel Press, share it.

Every day people find and need our resources for the first time.

If you know a great blog, a place you visited or a travel agent you loved, please use the comment sections on the various country pages and share it here so all information of value stays in one place to the benefit of everyone.

What is Accessible Travel Press?
On the beach

Butterfly effect

Social media and its AI have been changed fundamentally over the years. It is really difficult to reach people you want to reach. We don’t want our resources hidden… more and more people need them.

So we focus now on our website (blog subscription) and Facebook primarily.

Share the love for travel

This is where you can play a very important role. At our website you can leave your comment on every page. This means you can share a link to accessible places you know of, because you live in the city or country listed on the page we published.

You can reach so many people with your tips and experience.

Accessible Travel Press literally works like a library that way.

If every visitor to our website shares just one tip, thousands of links are added every month

Accessible Travel Press
What is Accessible Travel Press?

You can comment using Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress


Imagine what happens if only 5000 people around the world add a comment every month, that means 60.000 tips annually!

It takes only 5 minutes, and has global reach. A huge butterfly effect will happen. Thousands of people visiting Accessible Travel Press will start adding comments too.

This is the true magic of online travel information – the purpose of Accessible Travel Online (how we started in 2016) will become reality.

Our goal is to be the online portal people go to when they need accessible travel information, because so much is here in one place.

What is Accessible Travel Press?
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Come back soon, welcome!

Nobody will prefer to visit hundreds of websites, or stay on Google forever and do the same thing everyone does, looking for reliable accessiblity information. Right?

We invite you all to visit Accessible Travel Press regularly and use the available resources here or add your own reliable information.

We know from our statistics that 2/3 of visitors return to search for information. This means that people are checking in from many places around the world all the time, as the world map in the website footer shows (the lights show when you visit!).

Search, discover, find

We started, years ago, with a few listings of truly accessible hotels. That did not really work. People expected a huge database and even though there was a serious selection of checked and verified places to stay, doubt and disbelief won and the big booking sites were still favored because of quantity, not because of quality.

Everyone in the disabled community knows they share incorrect or incomplete information.

Make sure to check our the Best of the Best in accommodation.

Country Guides

Thousands of years

So we built a database of truly accessible places. This takes time. A lot of time. And the world, well, it is a pretty big place. If we had to map it by ourselves, we would need thousands of years to do that.

Therefore we encourage you to search, discover and find accessibility information about places you want to go visit and simply let us know or add it in the comment sections.

Is it really accessible? Every link shared is checked and verified before added to our database

Checked and verified

Every website we have linked to at Accessible Travel Press has been checked and verified.

Also, our links are updated all the time so you will rarely find a broken link. As we link directly to accessibility information of places of interest or companies – like airlines or airports – it does sometimes happen that the link has changed, which is usually a good thing, cause it means they updated their information on accessibility services. It means more work for us, that’s for sure!

Global growth and visibility

Throughout the website you find many SEARCH boxes, you can search on our Facebookpage, Twitter or Youtube channel using simple search terms such as ‘hotel‘ or ‘Florida‘ or ‘Europe‘.

Feel free to share our website on your social media. Somebody can see it and use the information.

You can add a link now to your Facebook and Instagram stories too. The more our resources are shared, the more people can benefit.

Review platforms, travel bloggers and social media resources

In short, you can visit our page where the largest review platforms around the world are listed when it comes to accessibility.

You can start by following the most well known accessible travel bloggers.

If you have no travel plans now, you might want to check out social media groups or channels on accessible travel on every continent.

Accessible Travel Foundation

Art for ACCESS and #TeamAccessible are two brand new projects that started in 2022.

#TeamAccessible is a proud hashtag to empower communities around the world to get things done. Make the world a more accessible place, we all benefit!

TeamAccessible is one of the awareness tools set up by the Accessible Travel Foundation.

Professional Team Promotion is the extra touch you need to help raise awareness, visibility and the best memory to keep looking back at the project or the successful result.

Build your team of volunteers, experts and businesses to reach your goal. Many collections are currently available in our shop.

if you cannot find your #TeamAccessible in our collections, send us a request!

Art for ACCESS

We encourage artists and photographers to contact their favorite charity or community project for accessibility and set up a shop with the Accessible Travel Foundation.

If you have a question, you can always start here: FAQ.

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