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FAQ – Accessible Travel Questions and Answers for Travelers

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In which countries can I find accessible travel tourist info?

You can choose ‘Travel the world‘ and select your destination.

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In every country guide you find direct links to accessibility information in hotels, museums, tourist attractions, public transport information and great outdoors locations.
To spice up your travel inspiration we also add the best shares on a country’s culture and traditions.

Our local partners know the best places to go see, they checked and visited the must see locations, and make sure your stay will be comfortable.

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How can I find airport accessibility information?

We provide hundreds of links to accessibility pages on (international) airports. We checked over 900 airport websites so far, and some 200+ are listed at our website.

What makes Accessible Travel News different?

All listings have been carefully selected. We check before we share.

We visit thousands and thousands of websites. If accessibility information provided is detailed and covers several topics (wheelchair access, assistance dogs welcome, facilities for visually or hearing impaired visitors), then we share.

We work with local partners

They know rental equipment companies, accessible taxi services, places to go see and accessible accommodation. You can rely on their expertise and their services through their local network.

I want to travel with my assistance dog. Do you have information for me?

It can be quite challenging, traveling with an assistance dog. Please find basic information here in 15 languages to take with you when you need to explain your dog must be at your side at all times.

Also, share this info with the hotel you stay. It is approved by our ATO Ambassadors Helma and Danielle, who both have an assistance dog.

General information about Assistance Dogs you find here.

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service dog toilet at Sydney airport, Australia

How can I receive updates on accommodation promos or discounts?

Simply subscribe to our newsletter to receive promo codes and specials in your mailbox.

How can I order the products featured in my country?

We recommend to contact the supplier directly, they can tell you right away about shipping and pricing.

International shipping is optional for almost all products we recommend.

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FAQ Accessible Travel for Business

What are the minimum requirements to be listed?

(museum, zoo, theme park, historic site, public transport, tourist attraction, hotel)

To list your property (hotel, holiday rental, resort) you can check our basic requirements. A free listing is optional.

Museums, theme parks, historic sites

We need the following basic information on any location (museum, themepark, restaurant, outdoors recreation, etc) before listing your website:

  • A separate page on accessibility information in English at your website (preferably visible on your homepage)
  • We use the direct link to this Accessibility page
  • We need to see your info about:
    1. assistance dogs welcome sign
    2. locations of wheelchair access / ramps
    3. all accessible toilets locations
    4. accessible parking spaces
    5. facilities for the blind and visually impaired
    6. facilities for deaf people
    7. availability (rental) wheelchairs / mobility scooters
    8. guided tours
    9. Acceptance of EDC (European Disability Card – more info here) if applicable
    10. contact info trained employees (if available)

Can I advertise at Accessible Travel News?

Yes, we welcome specialized accessible tour agencies and travel agents offering day tours, group tours or fully organized tours. We welcome product suppliers, writers and artists. We will help you promote your services through all our channels.

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