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Come fly with me

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A holiday abroad starts at the airport

For people using a wheelchair or people who travel with their assistance dog, a visit to the airport can be an experience that causes stress, instead of the usual vacation fun at the beginning of a journey to your favorite or a new destination.

If you depend on services like accessible toilets, transfer between flights, assistance dog service, sign language or braille / tactile products to find your way around the airport, you do want to know all this before departure.

Research on 700+ airport websites

In the summer of 2017, we did extensive online research for 3 months and checked 700 websites of the largest airports in the world. To know more details about this research you can read this articleOnline airport info jungle – I am completely lost‘.

It took several weeks and on average at least half an hour per website to find the accessibility information. We discovered over 30 different descriptions of ‘accessibility info’.


This important page should be found directly at the homepage of an airport website. Only a few airports worldwide actually had this page at the Front Page Menu. In many cases the page was found in the FAQ section, or some 3 or 4 pages to click through to find it.

Our criteria

Some 200+ websites made it to Accessible Travel News (then Accessible Travel Online).

Less than 1 in 3

The minimum criterium to be listed was information available in English, detailed information about the different services and description of locations of accessible parking, accessible toilets, and if available, contact or location info of the Airport Services Desk to facilitate travelers with a disability with assistive devices, wheelchair service or other relevant needed services.

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Apps, software

More and more services have become available to improve airport accessibility. There are apps to help travelers, and there is software airports can use to make it all run smoothly. Big airports receive thousands of travelers on a daily basis. It is a must, we say, to have accessibility information in order and up to date.

Not only that, online information available for travelers with a disability is very important to help prepare travels, and tackle any problems ahead.

Country Guides – airport information

In our Country Guides you can find all airport websites that we found through our extensive research. Also, you can find many airlines accessibility information for the United States, Europe and Australia.

Please find information to all major airports in the USA here. If you travel to Europe, or you need a transfer in Europe, please go to our Europe section and find your destination.

  • Come fly with me
  • Come fly with me
  • Come fly with me

Come fly with me to Africa, Australia

In Morocco, the international airport is brand new and fully accessible.

In Australia, the Sydney Airport and the Avalon Airport have been in the news, sharing the latest information on their outstanding services for travelers with disabilities.

At Accessible Travel News we continue to add accessibility information on a regular basis. If you need to know about accessibility at airports in Canada or about the 6 airports in New Zealand, we have information for you.

Travel sheets in 15 languages

Upon arrival at the airport of your destination, you have to face crowds, security, a foreign language and what else you wish to be uncomfortable with, like a survival of the fittest combat zone.

Feel free to use our Travel Sheets we have available in 15 languages from Japanese to Polish to Portugese (to use all around the world) at airports. You can explain the basics in the native language about your medication, your assistance dog, or your visual or hearing impairment.

Please reach out to us if you find accessibility information at airports that you could not find here.

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