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Airlines and airports experiences


Airlines and airports experiences

Airlines and airports experiences

Carol Steinberg came across our website when it had been online only a very short time and offered to share her article she had published in the Boston Globe.

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She shares her routine on checking in at the security station. See if you recognize what she and her family go through every time they travel.

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Terrorist? Me?

Sandra wrote a blog for us in February 2017. She shares her experiences with airlines, as she flies around the world for her job, a lot. In this blog you find a link to the full article that has been published at the Guardian.

“There is one situation that makes me feel really disabled and excluded – when I have to fly. And unfortunately I need to travel a lot for work. Some kind of incident takes place on more than 70% of the flights that I take. Sometimes it has more impact emotionally, and other times financially and practically…. read more here.

Research on 700+ airport websites

Come fly with me
Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands

Come fly with me – read our article (April 2017) about our research of over 700 airport websites

In the summer of 2017, we did extensive online research for 3 months and checked 700 websites of the largest airports in the world. To know more details about this research you can read this article. (Online airport info jungle – I am completely lost).

30 minutes average per website

It took several weeks and on average at least half an hour per website to find the accessibility information. We discovered over 30 different descriptions of ‘accessibility info’.

If you need accessibility information about airports worldwide, simply search ‘airport‘ at our website and you will find all information you need for hundreds of airports.

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