ADAPTS – a travel musthave

What is ADAPTS? Read Robin Wearley’s story

ADAPTS – a travel musthave

ADAPTS product
Robin Wearley

“When I was a flight attendant, I knew we needed a better way to save people, an actual device to move passengers with disabilities away from an airplane crash fast,” says Robin Wearley, founder of

There is no affordable assistive device available in the marketplace today that carries wheelchair users or the injured down a narrow aisle to emergency exits during an airplane evacuation, according to ADAPTS LLC research…until now.

“It’s intuitive to use and resembles a soft stretcher,” she explains, “and the person is cradled in it like a hammock.”

ADAPTS - a travel musthave
ADAPTS – a travel musthave

Available worldwide

After a successful Kickstarter campaign ADAPTS portable transfer sling was launched to consumers and sold online at and at Abilities Expos across the United States. Now, Robin receives orders and enquiries from all corners of the globe.

ADAPTS - a travel musthave
the ADAPTs team

ADAPTS is portable, affordable, and versatile

“We like to think of it as the emergency sling you can use every day,” said Wearley. “We hear from our customers all the time about how they have incorporated ADAPTS into their daily routine. And it is always with them in case an elevator is inoperative, or they need to escape in a fire, or when they are traveling or visiting friends and no hoist is available,” she adds.

Emergency and every day use

“Any evacuation device needs to be fast and simple to use, water and flame resistant, and have no sharp points to puncture inflatable slides,” Wearley explains.

Travel vlogger Gem Hubbard of the channel Wheels no heels loves the ADAPTS sling

ADAPTS solves the longstanding problem of how to quickly and safely evacuate people with disabilities and injured people from disasters. ADAPTS’ lightweight and strong fabric allows rescuers to move people to first responders. The convenient sling is essential anywhere a disaster strikes, including aircraft, cruise ships, public venues, hotels and homes. The compact sling is easy for travelers to carry.

It can be used to rescue people from anywhere a stretcher can’t go, such as floods, hurricanes, fires or earthquakes.
Emergencies DO happen! ADAPTS won the Changing Lives Award at Naidex 44 in the UK and since then has proven itself on an Air Canada Express flight enroute from Toronto to Washington, DC. The flight was diverted for an emergency landing to Dulles for smoke in the cabin.

ADAPTS - a travel musthave
ADAPTS portable transfer sling

An ADAPTS customer reported that she rescued her son down the inflatable slide during the evacuation and shared their ADAPTS sling with the flight crew who used it to rescue an elderly woman. All passengers safely escaped onto the tarmac. ADAPTS is changing lives by saving lives!

San Francisco

Robin Wearley runs the Northern California office for ATO where ADAPTS LLC is based in San Francisco. She is a retired Flight Attendant and Cardiovascular Physician Assistant with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior & Leadership and a Master of Science in Health Communication.

Her experiences in the travel and healthcare industries were instrumental in helping her identify the unmet safety need addressed by ADAPTS™: ensuring a safe, comfortable evacuation method for people with disabilities.

Miss Wheelchair California uses the ADAPTs all the time!

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