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Hospitality is accessibility

Hospitality is accessibility

Hospitality is accessibility

People do travel because they like to get away from daily routines. To explore new places. To have fun. To know other cultures.

So you take a plane to your favorite destination and you enjoy your holidays, relaxing at your marvelous resort, and make everlasting memories.

Sounds like fun, right? Well, that goes for everybody. When people with disabilities want to go travel, they have to set up at least a fulltime month of work in their schedule, looking for accessible hotels, finding out about air travel, rental accessible cars, etc etc.

Hospitality is accessibility
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Quite a hike

The adventure called accessible travel is a whole mountain range to climb. That is quite a hike. Accessible Travel Online is advising hotels and resort management to improve and install accessible facilities.

If you think about it, you know you will make sure that everybody visiting your hotel or resort has a great time and considers to come back.

The art of making everyone feel at home

Hospitality is the art of making everybody visiting feel at home. Accessibility is woven into this concept, as sun rays into a beautiful morning.

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