Romania: Bucharest is Paris of the East EUROPE

General information

Capital – Bucharest | Currency –  Leu (RON) | Timezone – GMT +2

Travel Agent: Accessible Romania

In this country guide you will find available pages of accessibility information in airports, in museums, and public transport.

Romania has a lot to offer. From mountains to the seaside, there is always something to explore. Rich culture, historic sights, breathtaking nature … and of course the capital city of Bucharest.


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Getting around in Romania

Public Transport


The rail network CFR (Romanian Railways) is quite developed, with trains linking Bucharest to Romania’s tourist areas and trains linking tourist towns together (for example Braşov – Sibiu). The main railway station is the Northern Railway Station but there are also Obor, Băneasa or South Titan Stations which are rarely used by locals, never by tourists. There are facilities for people with special needs.


RATB (Bucharest Autonomous Transportation) which has buses, trolleybuses, trams, express lines. Buses are fully accessible, trolleybuses and trams are partially accessible.

Subway in Bucharest 

METROREX (Bucharest Underground Transport Authority) – it facilitates quick access to tourist areas of the capital.

Taxi service

Accessible Romania has a fully adapted van for day tours or multiple day tours for groups up to 8 people.

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Upcoming travel destination – Romania on your bucket list

So many wellness resorts – and accessible too!

Black Sea

Romania is an upcoming destination where travelers enjoy untamed nature, castles, cathedrals, friendly people and good food.

Accessible tourism is definitely on the rise in this beautiful country at the Black Sea.

Most popular is the wellness and spa holidays, the perfect place for that is Romania indeed!

Wifi and Internet – Internet services are among the best in Europe. The coverage in Romania is very high. You can find wireless Internet in most hotels, tourist sites and restaurants.

Visa – Know more how to apply for a visa on this website

Language – the official language is Romanian. In most tourist locations English and French are spoken languages.

Travel Sheets – Download here
(Download the English version here)


If you live in Romania, you can apply for a European Disability Card here.

This card offers discount or free access to many tourist attractions and museums.  

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