Food, street food, delicious treats …


Food, street food – delicious dishes from around the world

Food, street food, delicious treats …

We all love to travel to discover new places, meet new people, enjoy magnificent views and visit the most beautiful museums, theaters or we go to the beach, to parks.

Honestly, we need to be true to ourselves and admit it is always the food. It does not matter where you go, or where you have been, it is the food you will remember, and who you were with to enjoy that delicious local street food, the fresh fruits, the spicy meals …

So we have collected all our stories about food for you. Let’s face it, one of the best forms of memories we all keep is in taste. When you had the perfect hamburger, sushi or the plain veggie dish in a restaurant with mountain view, in the good company of your family or friends, or loved ones, you will always remember that taste.

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