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Namaste and welcome to Nepal!


Namaste and welcome to Nepal – visit the rooftop of the world

Namaste and welcome to Nepal!

Nepal as a nation exhibits deep national and cultural pride, which is most apparent during the dozens of yearly festivals that attract locals and tourists alike. Come and discover what Nepal has to offer!


How accessible is Nepal for visitors with a mobility impairment?

Anish, founder of Accessible Nepal, tells us that Nepal is regarded as heaven on earth in terms of its natural beauty. However, due to the lack of basic accessible infrastructure it is turning away many travelers who have a disability but wanted to visit the country.

Accessible Nepal believes the same and is committed in providing travelers all the travel arrangements. We combine value and quality with premier customer service and dedicated trip-planning specialists to provide you with a unique trip of a lifetime by meeting your accessibility needs.

Nepal Patan Durbar Square
Patan Durbar Square

From volunteer tour guide to leader in accessible travel

Anish Neupane, started ‘VolNepal‘ as a founding President, connecting visitors with local communities to maximize the local living experience, while providing some of the aid that Nepal desperately needs, when he was a school teacher in computer science.

He also founded ‘GAP Year Nepal‘, now in its 7th year, combines mainstream packaged tours with community-based programs to help travelers find their way – spiritually and physically – through the kaleidoscope of culture and scenery that is Nepal.

Anish says: ‘We pride ourselves on helping travelers tap into the learning opportunities and adventure of the remote areas of our country, to create unforgettable experiences.’

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‘As a tour operator we have been looking forward for increasing our Product Portfolio and I realized that I should start going ahead with accessible travels and show this wonderful country to the people of the world. Thus, with the sole mission of making Nepal accessible and inclusive for all the travelers of the world, Accessible Nepal has been started.’

What is your Top 3 Accessible Must see/Must do Nepal for disabled travelers?

1) UNESCO Heritage Sites and Local communities

2) Accessible trail hiking for Himalayas View

3) Nature and Jungle

sarngakot  Nepal

Do you have an advice for travelers who are interested in visiting Nepal?

Nepal is well known for the Himalayas and the Himalayas are best viewed from September to November and also from February to April-May. The Monsoon, rainy season begins from June and ends at August.

Nepal is the destination for the travelers who have interest in culture, Buddhism, Hinduism, spirituality and nature, landscape and jungles.

Accessible Tours

Nepal is a place to open the doors of spiritual happiness. The entire Himalayan region is well known for its spirituality. 

There is a variety of tours that Accessible Nepal offers, from spiritual tours to wildlife tours, from cultural tours to a ‘Best of Nepal’ tour.

Accessible Nepal

The team can help you prepare your travels and will absolutely make sure all you need during your holiday can be arranged. In the Nepal guide you can find more to read about this beautiful and friendly country.


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