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India accessible travel guide

India accessible travel guide

A vast country such as India cannot be mapped in detail on one single page. More travel tips will be added over time.


City Palace

The History of Jaipur

Into the Modern Era

Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II (r. 1922-1949) came to the throne as a minor. After his education and military training in the UK, he set about reforming the Jaipur State Forces. This proved timely, given their participation in World War II, serving in North Africa.

In the post-war period, the Maharaja oversaw the transition from monarchy to democracy and the integration of Jaipur into the new state of Rajasthan as a part of the independent Indian union.

Today, Jaipur continues to flourish as a centre of arts and crafts and as a celebrated tourist destination.
(website: https://royaljaipur.in/index.php/the-history-of-jaipur/)


Editor’s pick: Wheelchair Wanderer Mrunmaiy


“A road accident in June 2011 gave me a cervical spinal cord injury. However, this has not in any way prevented me from living life to the fullest and growing in my career as a communicator.

I am an avid traveler and love embarking on new journeys. I wish to inspire people with disabilities to not put their travel plans on hold, while the world around us takes it time to become more inclusive and accessible.” (source: About me, travel blog Mrunmaiy)

Tigers and India Read all about this national park jungle safari by wheelchair wanderer Mrunmaiy Abroal.


Editor’s pick: youtube channel Rahul On Wheels in Mumbai

Make sure to follow him on social media, especially on Youtube!

Rahul shares his adventures on his motorbike rides, about scuba diving, family life in India.

He is an accessible travel youtuber telling his travel stories. You will see him on the beach, swimming, scuba diving, riding through the streets of Mumbai, always with a smile on his face!

Living in Mumbai, he can tell you all you need to know about this huge city in India.

Andaman beach

Rahul Ramugade in Mumbai

Hi there! My name is Rahul, I am a para sports person from Mumbai who loves to travel & share his experience.

I use a wheelchair to move around and I have polio on both legs. I also ride my modified activa to travel in my city.

I have started my youtube channel to share my life experience as a person with a disability (Rahul On Wheels).



New Delhi

Dilli Haat a must go crafts and food market

India Gate

National Museum  large tactile display

Red Fort

(C) Max Burt

At the Red Fort there is a beautifully integrated ramp as shown in this video.

You see Max Burt (Australia, founder Wheeleasy) using the entrance ramp.

India Accessible Taxi Services

Blind Faith Upgrade

Hotel Ramada

The Blind Faith Upgrade is an initiative by Hotel Ramada, Ajmer, under accessible tourism.

It allows the hotel to transform any of its rooms into a visually-impaired friendly room.

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General information

Capital – New Delhi | Currency – Rupee | Timezone – GMT +5.5

Visa – all information on applying for a visa to India you find on this website.

Language – the official language is Hindi, in total there are 28 official languages. In many areas people know also English.

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