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Finland EUROPE – Capital – Helsinki | Currency – Euro | Timezone – GMT +1


The land with more than 180.000 lakes, a visit to the North Pole and too many trees to even start counting!

Finland is a destination that people may not choose as their first destination on the bucket list, but maybe they should…

Many people speak English, nature is overwhelmingly beautiful and there are more places and resources accessible than you might think.


Featured: Travelblog Palmuasema

Travelblogger Sanna writes and works at Palmuasema

“Palmuasema is more than just a travel blog – it’s also the name of my consultation business. I love talking about accessible travel and training travel professionals and students, along with other tourism experts about the complexities of this industry.

I can also provide talks and consultation on different themes around disability and finding your own strengths. My own experiences, together with my work experience and my excitable style of performing have received plenty of positive feedback and recognition.

I offer my expertise to all sorts of projects and programs aimed at improving accessibility in travel and tourism as a whole.”


Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. In this blog you read how to get out and about in the city using public transport. Another blog (Culture Trip – Getting around Helsinki) shares information about accessible hotels, places to visit and more public transport information.

Outdoors recreation

If you love nature, national parks and some real good outdoor adventure you must not miss this fantastic website that shows accessible trails, parks, restaurants and hotels to make your stay unforgettable.

Visa – all information on applying for a visa to Finland you find on this website.

Language – the official language is Finnish. In tourist areas people know also English.

A beautiful video of Finland


If you live in Finland, you can apply for a European Disability Card here. This card offers discount or free access to many tourist attractions and museums.