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Capital – Warsaw | Currency – Zloty | Timezone – GMT +1


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Accessible Poland Tours knows all about the best places to stay, the most beautiful cities and the best cultural sites not to miss.

Poland has a lot to offer, if you are into culture and history, but also when you are an outdoors person. Get in touch with this travel agent for answers to your questions.

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Kotlina Kłodzka. near Kudowa Zdroj


Chopin International Airport – Warsaw

The international Chopin airport is probably where your Poland adventure begins.

It is very accessible. An example for many other airports.
Even water taps are accessible!

a beautiful video as a warm welcome to Poland

Poland in images

Travelbloggers Goha and Kamil ‘Robi my Podroze‘ from Poland share lots of videos and blogs on their website.

Robi my Podroze means ‘We are going on a trip’ or ‘we are on a journey.’

All their travel stories are in Polish, the blogs however you can easily translate if you choose Google Translate.

You get a really good impression of Poland if you watch his videos and read about his adventures.

Poland Highlights

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine – Wieliczka (near Krakow). This is a beautiful and unique place to visit. Although challenging for visitors using a wheelchair, everything that could be done to make this place more accessible has been done.

Mazure – the Lake District

One of the many beautiful regions of Poland. So many lakes, so many trees. Surround yourself with nature.


This video gives you an impression of the city of Poznan, in western Poland. It is a beautiful city. Many people visit Warsaw or Krakow, Poland has really much more to offer. It is quite a big country really.

Museums accessibility information


Copernicus Science Center

It is recommended to ask detailed information about accessibility of museums, churches and other cultural sites in a local tourism office.

Every city has one and generally English is spoken. Many places are accessible, however websites are often not.


Language – the official language is Polish. In touristic places people know English.


Visa – all information on applying for a visa to Poland you find on this website.

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