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Access Advisr Rob Trent photos collage

AccessAdvisr was developed by Rob Trent (United Kingdom) to provide an unbiased, real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabled people.

By anonymising and combining the information people contribute we will share it with ethical service providers so they can improve the quality and accessibility of services they provide for disabled people.


About Rob Trent

Rob Trent, Founder review site AccessAdvisr

Rob has personal experience of living with a disability and overcoming accessibility challenges. He has previously combined these life experiences with his interest in sport, and has worked with the Football Stadium Design Council and the Football Foundation to help improve facilities for disabled people at football grounds.

Rob and the Arts

Also, Rob is a mouth painter, contributing to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists organisation in the UK. 
To view his work, please visit his page on the MFPA website.

How to add reviews at AccessAdvisr

In a few years time, AccessAdvisr has received over 1700 reviews in 20 countries. On average, new reviews are added to the site on a daily basis. The application is user friendly, it takes a few minutes. A bonus is that you can add your own photos.

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