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1,189 Views How to cross language barriers – travel info in 15 languages How to cross language barriers Communicate the basics We made Travel Info Sheets, a handy translation tool to take along when you travel by air or by train to Europe, or Asia or anywhere in the world!Continue Reading


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1,109 ViewsHarry Potter tour in London Harry Potter tour in London – excellent accessibility Relive the books and the films If you are a Harry Potter fan, there is nothing more exciting to go visit a location where you can relive the books and the films, like the Wizarding WorldContinue Reading

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493 ViewsGuestblog from Argentina Guestblog from Argentina Buenos dias, everyone in the Spanish speaking regions of the world! Meet Nellida, a travel blogger from Argentina who has been traveling the world for quite some years. You can find her stories on New York, Paris, Madrid, Prague or Mexico and CubaContinue Reading

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1,410 Views Accessibility tips for hotels Accessibility tips for hotels Every hotel is different. Hotels can be cities, with over 1.000 rooms or as small as 2 rooms as in a lovely family hotel in an Asian mountain village. Hotels have a focus on families, on business people, or both.Continue Reading

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1,086 ViewsRomantic Romania – music festivals and mineral springs Romantic Romania – music festivals and mineral springs Lately, Romania is increasingly being included in the travel list of those eager to discover new destinations.Regardless of travel preferences, it ranks among the top travel options of those who have already exhaustedContinue Reading

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1,180 Views Amsterdam: A’DAM Lookout! and THIS IS HOLLAND Amsterdam: A’DAM Lookout! and THIS IS HOLLAND Tourist attractions in Amsterdam is not to be missed: Amsterdam Lookout and THIS IS HOLLAND Located on the north side of the IJ, the water dividing the city center and the northern part of Amsterdam.Continue Reading


1,106 ViewsBiosphere 2 in Arizona, United States Biosphere 2 in Arizona, United States Biosphere 2 The University of Arizona owns and operates Biosphere 2. It is a unique place to visit, and we are happily sharing it is open to the public, and all that can be done to makeContinue Reading

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1,097 ViewsTravel Tips by Melanie Travel Tips by Melanie Melanie, in our Travel Team, loves traveling, and always finds ways to get around in not-so-accessible places. Here’s a few of her tips. What are your best travel tips? Horizontal parrot A rope on the frame of another bed next toContinue Reading

1,061 ViewsAccessible travel and the hospitality industry Accessible travel and the hospitality industry We don’t like to think in disabilities. We like to think in possibilities. Every traveler is a family member. Or a friend. It’s that simple. And when you travel, you need to do the things travelers do.Continue Reading

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39 ViewsOver the last 5 years, shops in the Amsterdam city center started using a ramp, to make the entrance accessible. The ramps are used when needed, to avoid problems when the streets are too crowded. Within the city center over 500 ramps are in use, and they are easilyContinue Reading


39 ViewsIn the summer of 2016, I went backpacking through Europe with some friends. I’m usually in a wheelchair, but I swapped that out for a backpack and these friends carried me around for three weeks. We explored cities and countrysides, hiked ancient islands and walked along timeless riverbanks. It wasContinue Reading

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31 Views  The following article was originally posted on Folks, an online magazine dedicated to telling the stories of remarkable people who refuse to be defined by their health issues. Read more stories like this at Two best friends didn’t let a pesky wheelchair get in the way ofContinue Reading