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The best way to use the Accessible Travel Library is on a computer or a laptop.

This travel information collection truly has become a mini Google over the years. There is so much information to find, and added very regularly too.

The website is updated on an almost daily basis and made compatible for mobile devices as well. We do recommended larger screens though, the world is such a large place to cover, right?

Throughout the website you find country maps where you can click on cities, attractions or resorts to name a few options. Maps are updated and created ongoing, so you can find new maps on your screen when you visit regularly.

Tags and categories

Some prefer to use the regional or country maps, others use categories or tag words. You will find that each post has several.


One way is to stick with the main menu. Another easy way is to subcribe to the blog. Make sure to set your settings properly (everything is considered spam these days).


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Also, our Facebookpage and Twitter timeline have become little search engines in their own way.

Search block

Every page shows tags, categories, related posts and a comment section. Many options to choose from!

When visiting for the first time, we recommend using a search block and type the name of the country or city you want to know more about.

Also, the Linktree provides some great short cuts that will save a lot of time.

AccessibleTravel.Online is a huge travel library

AccessibleTravel.Online is a huge travel library

Whether you need travel tips in your own country or your favorite destination, or you are looking for some truly accessible places to stay, it is all here.

Not just some information we have found – it is a collection of reliable sources around the world.

1 tip reaches more than a thousand people, imagine if 1000 people leave a comment…

Whether you are in the United States, Australia, Europe, Africa or Asia you will find so many travel resources.


In the main menu, click on reviews and you find a huge collection of accessibility reviews around the world put together over many years.

Way more reliable than Tripadvisor or Google!

AccessibleTravel.Online is a huge travel library

People from over 160 countries have visited the library over the years.

Add your tips

A new feature at Accessible Travel Press is that you can comment on every page – sharing your tips, travel services and experiences with others, helping building this huge accessible travel resource.

You can use Google, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress to leave a travel tip.

accessible accommodation

Sleep, stay – yes, it is ok!

Accommodation, checked and verified. Truly? Really? Yes. It is.

Some excellent places around the world, from Senegal to Belgium to Australia to Romania, and others, are listed.

You can find over 1500 accessible places to stay here at Accessible Travel Press through various accommodation and hotel websites and resources we collected for you.

All accessible, very accessible or super amazingly accessible.


Lights Up at the Bottom

In the website footer you can find the archives – going back all the way to 2017 if you want to do a lot of reading! – and contact information.

Also, the fun part!
Every time you visit Accessible Travel Press a light will show in your country or city on the world map in the website footer.

It happens often you find someone visiting, and for a brief moment you are connecting to another traveler somewhere in the world. That is great, isn’t it?

AccessibleTravel.Online is a mini Google

Travel tips, dreams and great stories

The blog gives you information about many countries (you dream) to visit.

You can enjoy the most beautiful photos, many videos and tons of information collected for you. If you are not sure if a place has a link:

Basically everything with a different color is a link. Mouse over it.

Little blue man

The easiest and fastest way to find all links shared is to use the little blue man (TOP LEFT) in the main menu and choose ‘Links Underline‘.

Hover your mouse over place names to see if the color changes. That means you can click on it.

Many country guides have information about public transport, highlights to visit, and tips from recommended travel bloggers who share their experiences.

accessible travel website

Shop, share, contribute

We do have a shop where everyone who is interested can buy some handy information guides on customer services.

For travelers we have set up a gift store, for everyone who wants to keep that travel spark. Some items such as waterbottles, notebooks, hats and shirts make a great gift!

Art for ACCESS

In 2022, we started Art for ACCESS, where we bring artists with a disability to the spotlight, matching a project that needs funding or a charity of their choice. All we need is for you to share about Art for ACCESS.

People love to buy art. In this way everybody wins. The artist, the project that needs funding, and we can continue our work too.


If you have more questions, our FAQ can help you out. Feel free to contact us via email, on Twitter or Facebook if you have any request or question, we love to help.

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