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485 ViewsAustralia airports accessibility services Australia Airports accessibility info Avalon Airport “Avalon Airport is one of the most accessible airports in the country. The terminal doesn’t have any stairs to navigate, no long walks and our car parking is right out the front of the terminal. We have dedicated disabilityContinue Reading

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794 Views Australia airlines accessibility services major airlines All major airlines in Australia on this page have extensive information for wheelchair users, travelers with assistance dogs or guide dogs owners and hearing impaired or visually impaired travelers. Jetstar – customer service available in English Tiger Air – customer service availableContinue Reading

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937 Views Culture and Traditions AUSTRALIA Culture Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space* There has always been a high concentration of urban and suburban dwellers, partly because the harsh physical environment has encouraged people to remain close to the fertile coastal areas. In 1991, 70 percent of Australians livedContinue Reading

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6,771 Views Accessible accommodation – hotels and resorts AFRICA, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE The best of the best These stunning hotels, holiday rentals and hotel villa’s have been checked for you. They are not just accessible, but amazingly super accessible! We truly recommend all accommodation featured here. Know about all theirContinue Reading

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2,875 Views hundreds of airports worldwide – INTERNATIONAL Airports and airlines – accessibility information – Here you find airport accessibility information in hundreds of airports and airlines assistance services in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean (Martinique), Europe, North America The information provided is detailed and updated by airports and airlines.Continue Reading

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1,485 Views Not to miss when you travel in AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY | NEW SOUTH WALES | NORTHERN TERRITORY QUEENSLAND | SOUTH AUSTRALIA | TASMANIA | VICTORIA | WESTERN AUSTRALIA This great land has so many places to go visit, here are a few to consider. Click on theContinue Reading

847 Views Culture and Traditions Diverse, rich and colorful The art and culture of Australia is connected to nature for the most part. City life brought some colorful connections in every part of this large land in the southern hemisphere. Places to stay Find accessible hotels and other places toContinue Reading

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1,032 Views AUSTRALIA Wheeleez to the rescue! AUSTRALIA’S renowned Royal Flying Doctor Service has teamed up with all-terrain wheelchair supplier and preferred Wheeleez® importer Beachwheels Australia A heart-warming collaboration, giving dying people and their families and friends the opportunity to visit their favorite beach or other off-road special place one last time. The RFDS isContinue Reading

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1,457 Views AUSTRALIA – NEW SOUTH WALES Accessible wine tours in the Hunter Valley by HV Tours HV Tours in Australia offers full day and half day accessible tours. Are you a wine lover? Tasting wine and spotting wildlife Join the Hunter Region’s 2020 award-winning ‘Outstanding Tourism Services’ wine tastingContinue Reading

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14,962 Views INTERNATIONAL Sleep, shower, breakfast: Yes! Places to go to in the UNITED STATES, EUROPE, AFRICA, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND Now you can find over 1500 hotel reviews via our website Find truly accessible hotels and other accommodation. Search for cities, countries, ‘hotel’ or ‘accommodation’. Go here or scrollContinue Reading