Gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea

Sunny beaches, Greek gods and all that super food!

Crete is a great destination for all who love sunshine, good food, beautiful views and just get it away from it all. The history is interesting and still alive in almost every place.

We highly recommend to book a guided tour, as there are many guides who speak different languages in Crete, you will learn so much when you spend some time on this beautiful Mediterrean island.

Crete guide accessible travel

The beautiful island of Crete has it all – famous gorges, great wine, history, mythology and beaches. Enjoy your holiday!

Vicky Crete Office

To know more about your stay in Crete, please contact Vicky at Tourist Guides of Crete, a specialized accessible travel agent.

What kind of accessible services does your company offer?

Read the story of Marinela, specialized tour guide of Tourist Guides of Crete.

Our travel agency Tourist Guides of Crete has great expertise of the facilities for people with any type of disability who would like to visit the island of Crete.

We can provide qualified tourist guides, who are Certifited by FEG (Federation of European tourist guides) and ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism), for guiding services to accessible tourism.

Also, we have 12 certified tourist guides for guiding services to people with learning difficulties.

We can provide transportations, visits at museums and archaeological sites, hotels, restaurants, shops and anything else you wish. All tailor made to suit your own needs!

Heraklion Highlights and Museums

1 Koules Fortress

2 Venetian Loggia

3 St. Titus Church

4 Heraklion Archaeological Museum

5 Historical Museum of Crete

6 St. Catherine of Sinai

7 Natural History Museum of Crete


If you had to introduce Greece, and Crete, what would you say?

Greece is a phenomenon of culture and civilization in the history of the mankind. Inhabited since the Paleolithic era and with continuous presence in human history, this land gave birth to harmony and measure in arts and philosophy and has preserved the oldest written European language, Greek, in use for the last 3.500 years.

Its monuments speak of the glorious past. Equally eloquent as the faces of modern inhabitants, they represent a way of life that has kept its smile alive throughout the centuries.

Past and present meet and mingle in a perfect way

In ancient Greece, Xenios Zeus was always protecting guests. Ιt’s my pleasure, as a tourist guide of Greece, to keep this tradition of hospitality alive, proud of my country, happy to show its beauties, looking forward to make new friends, ready to share tender emotions.

crete architecture Greece

Wineries, eco- and agro-tourism and beach hideaways

So, we invite you to meet our passion for Greece, enjoy a journey in a landscape of monuments and legends by the bluest waters in the Mediterranean, see dolphins and imagine mermaids…

My homeland, Crete, has so much to offer: major historical and archaeological sites and museums, churches and monasteries with icons and frescoes, a botanical wonderland, the workshops of crafts-people and unique geological visits, sites the elixirs of local cuisines.

Wineries, eco- and agro-tourism and beach hideaways. The opportunities to relax and learn are endless. What we promise to provide will make our guests want to come back.

How accessible is Crete for visitors with a mobility impairment?

Over the last few years a great deal of effort has been made to make the area more accessible. In Crete most cities have improved accessibility. Many museums and archaeological sites are accessible. Also restaurants, picturesque villages and beaches.

Most importantly there are many hotels with very good accessibility and accessible transportation: buses, taxis and boats that have secured spaces for wheelchair passengers. Furthermore, we offer mobility equipment available for rent. 

What is your Top 3 Accessible Must see/Must do in Crete for disabled travelers?

1) Visit the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion


2) Live the experience of a cooking lesson and wine tasting

Greece guide accessible travel

3) Visit the picturesque villages

Crete tour arkadi Greece

Do you have an advice for travelers who are interested in visiting Crete?

Crete has lovely weather year-round, with temperatures rarely dropping below 12°C in the coldest months, and averaging about 26°C daily during the summer months.

Crete is a very safe place to travel. Violent crime is rare. Τhe most important thing to take with you is your good mood to enjoy flavors, smells, colors and knowledge!

Do you have a question about Crete? Ask Vicky and Marinela and they will be happy to help you!

20+ wheelchair friendly beaches in Crete

Go here to find accessibility information of beaches in Crete.

BEACH TIP BY Tourist Guides of Crete

“Amoudara is a lovely beach located just 5 kilometres west of the town of Heraklion. It has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness. The sandy beach features all the conveniences for its visitors such as toilets, shower, lifeguard station, first aid station, sun umbrellas and sun-loungers. Access to the beach is made easier by wooden walkways and ramps”.

At this website Cretan Beaches you can find several beaches and detailed info for every beach. Choose your preferences in the menu and search bar (handicap friendly).

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