Romania: accessible travel destination

Romania: accessible travel destination

Romania: accessible travel destination

Cristina and Irina

Hello dear friends! My name is Cristina Caluianu, I’m living in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and I want to share with you the story of my company, Sano Touring, inbound accessible tour operator and the first international ATO office.

It was around 2009 when it first crossed my mind to open a travel agency as a second business line of my management consulting company, given my previous experience in the travel industry and the certifications I had in this area. And one thing was certain from that very beginning: it would be an exclusively inbound to Romania travel business, because my country is much, much more than Dracula and painted monasteries and Bucharest, and I knew I could make a difference.

The decision was made 5 years later, when I read a study on accessible travel (I did not know anything about this concept until then), and I started to do some research on how accessible travel is addressed in Romania and I found a huge opportunity: Romania as an accessible travel destination.

We put Romania on the accessibility map

ATO Partner Sano Touring has created
Romania Guide and a Bucharest guide for you.

In 2015, Irina, our travel manager gathers the team. I leave a few words she wrote for the ATO blog: “My story begins in 2015 when I met Cristina. I had few information about accessibility in Romania, but I thought it was my biggest challenge.

We developed a very strong connection right away and we started to “fight” for accessibility in touristic areas. We learned together, fought mentalities together, even cried together with this wonderful team.

Hard work, but in 4 years I think we moved some things and we put Romania on the accessibility map. I am so proud to be part of this team and you will surely hear about Sano Touring in future because we won’t stop despite all the obstacles.”

Sano Touring is the first international partner of the Accessible Travel Online global initiative.

Discover Romania

Romania transsyvlania tour

All our efforts aim to share Romania’s beauty in a responsible, balanced manner by offering the young and seniors, the active and contemplative, all independent or persons who need accessible tourism the opportunity to enjoy lovely tours covering both traditional and lesser-promoted destinations and to live a beautiful, unforgettable Romanian experiences.
Hope you enjoyed reading the long story short of Sano Touring and we are waiting for you to visit Romania!

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