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Spa and Resort tourism in Romania


Spa and Resort tourism in Romania

Spa and Resort tourism in Romania

Treat yourself – visit the land of the natural spas: Romania


1300 mineral springs

Without any false modesty, Romania has 1,300 mineral springs, which means at least one third of all resources in Europe.

Spa tourism is a form of tourism with long tradition, the foundation of the first spa resort in Romania being set in the year 102 A.D.. It originates from Roman times, when they took over the spa cult from the Greek and developed it further.

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Romania is the place to be

Nowadays, the richness and diversity of existing natural treatment factors, but also the quality of medical care, make Romania a solid destination for spa tourism.

Spa and wellness resorts, such as Baile Felix, Covasna, Sovata, Calimanesti-Caciulata, Buzias, Govora have modern spa centres, hotels with a high degree of comfort. Some of them provide the necessary facilities for people with special needs.

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Partner in Romania

If you cannot wait to book yourself a trip to one of these outstanding spa resorts, please contact our partner in Romania. They can help you organize your well deserved spa holiday.

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