Hotel Caprioara 4* – Romania

Hotel Caprioara 4* – Romania

Hotel Caprioara 4* – Romania

Hotel Caprioara 4* in Covasna is a luxury wellness hotel. Due to the specific geographical conditions in Covasna there are a lot of springs with carbonated mineral water, bicarbonated water or water which contains various compounds of iron, iodine, bromine and chlorine.

Covasna is also called the “the resort of the 1,000 health springs” due to the abundance, diversity and outstanding value of natural treatment factors, one of them being the climate rich in negative ions.

The resort has carbonated warm water bathing facilities, springs for internal mofetta treatment, electro therapy, physical therapy and hydrotherapy, aerosols and inhalation installations, gymnastics.

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Minimum stay is 5 nights. The price includes accommodation, half board and treatment (3 procedures/day).

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