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Capital – Kathmandu | Currency – NPR | Timezone –  GMT+5.45

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Anish, owner Accessible Nepal, about Nepal: a short interview

Tell us a little more about yourself?

I am Anish, managing director of Himalaya Circuit Team, in Kathmandu Nepal. Like almost everything in my life I started my journey as a teacher at a local school, specializing in computer literacy.

After acting as an impromptu host to a few travelers visiting the school in Bhaktapur, I saw an opportunity, and decided to make the leap into voluntourism.

Seeing the impact a traveler could make in Nepal’s non-profit realm, I founded VolNepal, connecting visitors with local communities to maximize the local living experience, while providing some of the aid that Nepal desperately needs. Established in 2005, VolNepal currently operates a wide number of social initiatives, including teaching, construction, women’s support and outreach, and microfinance education.

This sensible and philanthropic business model came in the form of a tourism company and GAP Year Nepal was born. By creating a dynamic, adventurous and friendly tour provider, able to divert a portion of our profits to cover VolNepal’s overhead costs, while establishing the perfect partnership for visitors to Nepal who want to experience a volunteer component to their journey.

Nepal - discover the rooftop of the world

The year 2015 was really another milestone in my journey in the Nepalese Tourism Industry giving birth of the mainstream tour operator Himalayan Circuit. We wanted to create a parallel experience, and one geared more towards adults and mature travelers.

In 2020, with the sole mission of making Nepal accessible and inclusive for all the travelers of the world, Accessible Nepal has started.



Nepal – discover the rooftop of the world

What kind of accessible services does your company offer?

We offer all kinds of accessible services here in Nepal. However, Nepal is an underdeveloped country and still some places are not fully accessible. Through these tours and with the help of local organizations we are always trying to make our destinations fully accessible. During your trips you may find so many problems but not to worry as a fully responsible tour operator we will put all our efforts to make your holidays a wonderful and life time experience.

• Accessible Accommodations
• Dedicated Accessible Trip Planners
• Team of Local Experts
• Regular Audit of all Holiday Destinations
• Adapted Destinations Transfers
• Extra mobility equipment on demand.
• Fully Escorted Tours
• Airlines Assistance in flight booking
• All Accessible destinations in and around Himalayas

Nepal - discover the rooftop of the world

If you had to introduce Nepal, what would you say?

Namaste! Come explore the physical and cultural jewels that Nepal has to offer. With physical landscapes ranging from rich subtropical forest to soaring snow-covered peaks, and with ethnic groups with a multitude of different backgrounds and speaking a host of different languages, Nepal is a Mecca of culture and magnificent vistas.

In this small central-Asian country, you will find ancient cities exploding with temples and pagodas, tiny villages with warm welcoming locals and sprawling rice terraces, and perhaps even the strength within yourself to embark on a challenging and inspiring Himalayan trek.

Nepal as a nation exhibits deep national and cultural pride, which is most apparent during the dozens of yearly festivals that attract locals and tourists alike. Come and discover what Nepal has to offer!

How accessible is Nepal for visitors with a mobility impairment?

Nepal is regarded as heaven on earth in terms of its natural beauty. However, due to the lack of basic accessible infrastructure it is turning away many travelers who have a disability but wanted to visit the country.

Accessible Nepal believes the same and is committed in providing travelers all the travel arrangement. We combine value and quality with premier customer service and dedicated trip-planning specialists to provide you with a unique trip of a lifetime by meeting your accessibility needs.

Nepal - discover the rooftop of the world

Though Nepal’s accommodation to host the travelers across the world is on the rise, there are few accommodations accessible friendly. The country lacks in facilities of toilets to the ordinary people and building accessible toilets is a long way to go.

Advocacy of accessible transportation, toilets are going ahead and some public transport companies such as Sajha Yatayat have taken the initiative to improve the public transportation system by opting the disable friendly vehicles. This is a good move making Nepal accessible for all the travelers.

We make many things as accessible as possible and showcase the wonders of Nepal at your ease. 

What is your Top 3 Accessible Must see/Must do Nepal for disabled travelers?

1) UNESCO Heritage Sites and Local communities

2) Accessible trail hiking for Himalayas View

3) Nature and Jungle

Do you have an advice for travelers who are interested in visiting Nepal?

Nepal is well known for the Himalayas and the Himalayas are best viewed from September to November and also from February to April-May. The Monsoon, rainy season begins from June and ends at August.

sarngakot Nepal

Nepal is the destination for the travelers who have interest in culture, Buddhism, Hinduism, spirituality and nature, landscape and jungles.


Kathmandu – Tribhuvan International airport

Ramps and toilet facilities available. Contact Accessible Nepal for specific information you need to know before traveling to Nepal.

Visa – all information on applying for a visa to Nepal you find on this website.

Language – the official language is Nepali. In most tourist areas people know English.

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