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Guestblog: wheelchairs and airports Part II

Guestblog: wheelchairs and airports Part II

Sandra, who has been a member of the ATO Travel Team for some time now, wrote one of the first guest blogs for Accessible Travel Online in February 2017.

For more than 10 years, I have worked for an organisation that campaigns for people with disabilities to achieve equal participation in society.

I had an accident years ago and use a wheelchair and an assistance dog. I don’t feel excluded a lot, when I do it is usually because people lack knowledge or somehow my disability scares them.

Working in Africa, central Asia and currently in Pakistan, I have seen many examples of exclusion and poverty and I realise that I am lucky.

Guestblog: wheelchairs and airports Part II
“Even when I am upset and angry I need to stay calm, smile, and most importantly try not to show how much it hurts.”

In the air

But there is one situation that makes me feel really disabled and excluded – when I have to fly. And unfortunately I need to travel a lot for work.

Some kind of incident takes place on more than 70% of the flights that I take. Sometimes it has more impact emotionally, and other times financially and practically.

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